Master P Adds A New Cereal Called ‘Hoody Hoos’ To His Food Product Line

Master P Adds A New Cereal Called ‘Hoody Hoos’ To His Food Product Line

It looks like Master P might be trying to dominate the food industry one product at a time. The 53-year-old rapper turned business mogul recently shared news on his Instagram account that he’s now adding cereal to his food product line. On October 1st he posted a photo of himself holding boxes of his new product called ‘Hoody Hoos’ cereal. He captioned the photo:

“Hoody hoo cereal. Started from the bottom now we here. They can’t beat us so they might as well join us, cause they not gonna stop us. we making history! The first hiphop cereal owned and produced by us #GoodisGood @unclepcereal We changing the game! The more we make, the more we give #UncleP #PJfoods”



Master P, born Percy Robert Miller, also shared a video talking about his new cereal line and said

“We took over the music industry now we taking over the grocery stores. We ain’t go stop till every kid in the world eating Hoody Hoos for breakfast.”

Hoody Hoos isn’t the only food product that you can buy from Master P. Earlier this summer he shared that he produced his own line of rice called ‘Uncle P’s Louisiana Seasoned White Rice’.

In addition to that,  Master P revealed he offers Pancake mix and syrup as well.

Check out more of Master P’s food products below.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel