Patti LaBelle Concert in Milwaukee Shut Down By Bomb Scare, Singer Shocked  

Patti Labelle Bomb Scare

Patti LaBelle escorted off stage after bomb threat at concert in Milwaukee.

Patti LaBelle Concert in Milwaukee Shut Down By Bomb Scare, Singer Shocked  

What kind of person calls in a bomb threat to a Patti LaBelle concert?

This is the question on everyone’s minds as news spreads that the beloved singer had to be rushed off stage mid-performance due to a scare.

On Saturday (Dec. 10), video of Patti LaBelle’s performance at the Riverside Theatre in Milwaukee, WI, showed two bodyguards abruptly grabbing her by the arms. The “New Attitude” singer appeared stunned by the interruption and demanded that they “wait”. However, after the men seemingly informed her of the possible danger, she quickly followed them off the stage.

As Patti LaBelle was whisked away, the bomb scare was reportedly announced to the attendees. The venue was then safely evacuated, according to the Milwaukee Police Department.

One fan who attended the concert said,

“It happened so quickly. Everybody very calmly exited the theater in a disbelieving manner. I heard lots of comments about how sad it was that someone would pull such a pathetic stunt. Before the incident the crowd was really enjoying Patti. Just sad that someone does this.”

Later, after a thorough search of the building for “explosive devices”, Milwaukee police Captain Warren E. Allen, Jr. shared in an email statement,

“The building was searched by K9 units. No explosive devices were discovered. There is no threat to the public at this time.”

It is currently unknown who was responsible for making the phone call or why the call was made. Law enforcement says the “investigation is fluid and ongoing.”

On the bright side, there is some good news to share for those concertgoers who couldn’t experience the full power of Patti that evening. The promoter is working on setting up a new date for the “Lady Marmalade” singer to return.

Pabst Theater Group said in a statement,

 “Tonight’s Patti LaBelle show at the Riverside Theater has been postponed following a bomb threat investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department.”

They added,

“We are thankful for the efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department and our customers and staff for their safe and orderly exit. We are working with the artist to reschedule the show.”

Patti nor her team have commented on the incident.

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Authored by: Quita B.