Katt Williams Abruptly Ends Comedy Show After Venue Receives Bomb Threat

(EXCLUSIVE) Katt Williams Alleged Assault Victim Accuses Him Of Using Celebrity to Avoid Depo

Katt Williams

Katt Williams Abruptly Ends Comedy Show After Venue Receives Bomb Threat

Does someone have it out for comedian Katt Williams?

According to reports, Katt Williams’ latest performance was cut short after someone called in a bomb threat. The incident occurred Saturday night (March 12) during his “World War III” comedy tour stop in Nashville, Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium. Reportedly, 10 minutes before the event was scheduled to end someone on the crew informed the “School Dance” actor about the bomb threat and he was rushed off of the stage and out of the building.

Nashville police spokesperson Don Aaron shared that the call was believed to have come from out of state. He added that, thankfully, police didn’t find any bombs after they combed the entire venue.

According to accounts from people who attended the show, audience members were not initially informed about the bomb threat but the venue was immediately cleared with no issue. One person shared their experience online and tweeted,

“Just left Katt Williams show in Nashville security escorted him off stage mid joke then lights came on and everyone was told to leave some say bomb threat some say gun all I no I got me and mine out that MF”

Another person shared,

“Katt Williams just escorted off stage by security in Nashville. No clue what happened.”

Following the scary incident, the venue released a statement and shared Katt Williams didn’t let the crowd know about the threat because he wanted to

“avoid panic and possible injury.”

So far Katt Williams has yet to address what went down at his show.

Katt Williams

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel