Da Brat Recalls Dating Allen Iverson, Says “He Had Too Many B*tches” As She Recounts Beating Up A Half-Naked Woman Over Him

Da Brat Talks Revealing Her Sexuality To The World & Recalls Dating Allen Iverson: He Had Too Many B****es!

Da Brat is opening up about her time in prison, including her love life and past romance with NBA star Allen Iverson.

In a recent episode of Kandi Burruss’s Speak On It, she sat down for a candid conversation and spoke on her recent decision to come out, publicizing her relationship with businesswoman Jessica Dupart.

Da Brat said:

“She’s a public social media like figure so she lives her life like out loud.  What do you do when you fall in love with somebody just like already out loud? And then you are private. You got to meet somewhere in the middle and make some kind of sacrifice and compromise.”

The rapper said while she was nervous when she first came out, she added:
“But I was like you know what f* ck it. I’m happy, I don’t care, I’m in love with this woman. She completes me, she makes me happy, she makes me feel like I’ve never felt before – hell yeah I want people to know.”

Da Brat, born Shawtae Harris, admits that she’s used to keeping her relationships under wraps but recalled:
“You got a little leak of it when I was f*cking with Allen Iverson.”

Allen Iverson

In dating former NBA player Allen Iverson, Da Brat shares that they were together for quite some time and she liked cooking, cleaning, folding clothes for him.  The relationship ended according to Brat because he had “too many h*es,” and the final straw was her fighting a “half-naked” female in a hotel because of him.

“He had a baby mama, some kids, he had a lot of stuff going on. It lasted for a good while. Both of my grandmothers loved him…It just didn’t work out. He had too many b****es. I think the last straw was we were sitting in the hotel, and this half-naked b**** walks up the hallway, talking about she’s looking for him…I must have molly whopped that b*tch down the hallway.  I was like you know what, I said I can’t do this.  I said I can’t do this with you.”
The rapper previously served 21 months in prison of a three-year sentence after pleading guilty to aggravated assault charges. She opened up about her experience, admitting that she was “shocked” and “went into a depression” after her sentencing.
“It took a lot to like for it to settle and realize like b*tch you’re in prison and you ain’t in the county jail. You ain’t getting out for a long time.”
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Authored by: Robin Ayers