Gunna’s Lawyer Reportedly Says The Rapper Will Choose To Plead The Fifth If He’s Called To Testify Against Young Thug

Gunna’s Lawyer Reportedly Says The Rapper Will Choose To Plead The Fifth If He’s Called To Testify Against Young Thug

Contrary to popular belief, Gunna isn’t going against the grain for anyone–especially when it comes to his YSL affiliate, Young Thug.

As previously reported, Gunna recently pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy in an indictment against him, fellow rapper Young Thug, and other members of Young Slime Life (YSL), a record label and alleged street gang founded by Young Thug.

young slime life, young thug and gunna

Gunna (left), Young Thug (right)

Ultimately, Gunna took an Alford plea, which pushed him (in his best interest) to confess to one charge while simultaneously maintaining his innocence on that same charge. He has since been released and given 500 hours of community service. The remaining four years of his five-year sentencing were suspended.

Following his negotiation deal, audio was released of Gunna admitting to YSL committing criminal activity, which immediately sparked rumors of the 29-year-old downright “snitching” on YSL and everyone involved–including the leader of the crew’s controversial case, Young Thug.

However, Gunna’s attorney, Steve Sadow, has let it be known that his client’s legal choices aren’t bringing any harm to the others at stake.

In an Instagram conversation with DJ Akademiks, Steve Sadow expressed Gunna’s statements during his hearing don’t (at all) impact Thug.

“[It] doesn’t affect anyone but my client. Out of court statements at a plea hearing cannot come into evidence against someone else.”

When asked about Gunna’s stance on offering further information in the YSL debacle, he continued by saying that the “Pushin P” phenomenon could be subpoenaed to come forward, but he won’t.

Steve Sadow wrote:

“He will take the 5th and not testify.”

Gunna has yet to add to his representative’s claims publicly.

Currently, Young Thug is awaiting trial in January. Along with his RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) charges, he has been slapped with additional misdemeanors, which include street racing, reckless driving, and speeding, among others.

Each of the new counts is from an occurrence that took place earlier this year, where the 31-year-old was said to have been caught bolting down an Atlanta interstate without a seat belt on.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell