Joe Budden Slams Vivica A. Fox & Claudia Jordan For Claiming He’s ‘Hating’ On Megan Thee Stallion Amid Tory Lanez Shooting Trial: You B*tches Don’t Know How To Use Your P*ssy Broth! 

Joe Sudden, Vivica A. Fox, Claudia Jordan, Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez

Joe Budden Slams Vivica A. Fox & Claudia Jordan For Claiming He’s ‘Hating’ On Megan Thee Stallion Amid Tory Lanez Shooting Trial: You B*tches Don’t Know How To Use Your P*ssy Broth! 

Joe Budden wants the women on “Cocktails With Queens,” to mind their business when it comes to hip-hop drama. 

Recently on his self-named podcast, Joe Budden addressed actresses Claudia Jordan and Vivica A. Fox for defending Megan Thee Stallion against him on their platform after he publicly shared that he dislikes the rapper. The two ladies calling out the media personality center around ill remarks he made about Megan Thee Stallion amid the Tory Lanez shooting trial.

As previously reported, the Canadian rapper, born Daystar Peterson, is facing multiple charges for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the feet following a heated argument they had after leaving Kylie Jenner’s home in 2020.

Joe Budden slammed the co-hosts of “Cocktails With Queens” for their harsh comments about him and said:

“Claudia Angela Jordan is an American talk show host, actress, model, business woman, and reality television and radio personality. She is known for appearing as a model on the U.S version of ‘Deal or No Deal,’ and ‘The Price Is Right,’ and for competing on season two and six of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’”

Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez

The 42-year-old continued:

“Claudia Jordan. Shut the f*ck up! You gotta shut the f*ck up. It can get bad.”

Proceeding to call out Vivica Fox, the former rapper said:

“Vivica Fox, hold up — Once regarded as the Black woman all of American wanted to be with, just so we clear on that. Long fall from grace, you b*tch*s don’t know how to usefully use your p*ssy broth, is the problem.”

Budden then sarcastically listed the films Vivica Fox starred in, seemingly alluding she’s had a downfall as an actress. He said:

“So now be very careful with how y’all continue to speak about me ‘cause I got right here: ‘Vivica Fox movies.’ And let me tell you, girl, girl. Here it go right here, 2021, ‘Aquarium Day,’ 2020, some sh*t called ‘Arkansas.’ Then you was in ‘Hooking Up.’ You was in some sh*t called ‘Rev,’ in 2020. 2019, ‘Fire and Rain.’ 2018 some sh*t called ‘Kinky.’ 2018 ‘Unthinkable’ ‘The Wrong Friend.’ What’s this b*llsh*t you was in? ‘Shark Nato’ in 2018.”

The New York native added:

“Through 2018 you had a breakout year. She was in ‘The Sky Princess,’ ‘True To The Game,’ and ‘Bring It On,’ that’s 2017. Vivica Fox sh*t the f*ck up before I book you for a movie. You don’t cost but five dollars to get it done. I will book that entire Fox owned h** show. For $75.99. You b*tch*s better leave me alone. Mind your f*ck*ty f*ck *ss business. This is a hip-hop matter that we talking about. The f*ck! B*tch. Horrible managing of p*ssy broth.”

Budden’s latest rant comes after Vivica A. Fox harshly told him to sit his “bi*ch a*s down,claiming he’s jealous to see female rappers rise to the top in the music industry. Fox recently said:

“If you don’t button it up and sit your b*tch a*s down hating on that girl. Y’all mad ’cause girls right now is ruling rap. It’s just driving y’all crazy that the sisters is just ruling and taking numbers and can tell y’all ’bout y’all self [and] look sexy with it. It’s a new day. But if you want some attention, I think that’s the wrong one to try and get it from, because it’s really coming out, facts are finally coming out after so many years of this trial being long awaited, that she was shot. So, you know, get used to it brother. It’s a new day. Girls are ruling. Sorry Joe Budden.”

 Jordan also chimed in and added:

“If you want to talk about someone doing something bad to someone that you’re friends with, maybe you’re not the person to say that. Because from what I remember, you were the one that have been accused by at least three women of being abusive, one to the point that she had a miscarriage and showed the lost baby in the toilet. I remember hearing lots of stories about you and your abusive ways, allegedly. And the same way you were able to move and get a huge podcast deal and make a lot of money, that you snaked your friends out of a podcast.” 

Despite calling out the two women for bashing him over his comments about Megan Thee Stallion, it’s important to note that Budden did issue an apology to the “Anxiety” rapper.

As previously reported, the rapper-turned-podcaster shocked fans after expressing he was wrong for what he said about the “Hot Girl Coach,” born Megan Pete. Earlier this week he found himself in the hot seat for saying he dislikes the 27-year-old because he’s seen her do “horrible things to some really great people.” 

On the latest episode of his podcast, Budden seemingly took back his remarks and expressed:

“I’m apologizing to Meg. Meg, the people that love her, her handlers, her team, the people that have to support her through what has to be an exhausting trial. I listened back. I got a few phone calls from women that I love and appreciate and admire.”

He continued to take accountability for his insensitivity and said:

“I’m apologizing for the careless manner in which I joked about her mental health. That didn’t sit right with my soul and my spirit… That’s not funny because whether you believe her or don’t believe her, can you afford to be wrong? And the answer’s no.”

He added:

“I would not feel right if that girl went home and did something to herself. ‘Cause then I would just be a part of the pile-on.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill