EXCLUSIVE: Clermont Twin Used Dead Man’s Email To Sign Up For Beastiality Site

Shannade Clermont

Clermont Twin Used Dead Man’s Email To Sign Up For Beastiality Site

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, additional details about Shannade Clermont continue to surface. The famous Clermont twin, who is also known for modeling in Kanye West’s Yeez’s collection, was arrested last week on multiple federal fraud charges after police say she met up with a man for sex then stole his debit card information hours before he was found dead of a suspected drug overdose.

More details surrounding Clermont’s fraud case have been revealed in her court documents. According to the docs, two months after the victim’s death, Clermont created a fake email account under his name to continue her schemes. Aside from using the account to Western Union herself $1,000, she also used the fake email address to sign up for adult and dating websites gaybeast.com and sugardaddyforme.com, the former being a website that allows users to view beastiality porn between men and animals.

Shannade Clermont’s emails were instrumental in leading to her arrest. Months after the death of the victim, receipts from luxury retailers were being emailed to Clermont’s personal and University email accounts. She also appeared to still meet men for sex in the months following. On May 10, 2017, she responded to an online ad with the following message,

Handsome white for a sexy black. Interested? $500 for 1-2 hours. Text me.


To date, she has yet to release a statement.

Authored by: Eleven8