Blueface Reportedly Involved In Fight w/ Men Associated w/ Chrisean Rock’s Father

Blueface & Chrisean Rock

Blueface Reportedly Involved In Fight w/ Men Associated w/ Chrisean Rock’s Father

Blueface (real name Johnathan Jamall Porter) is seemingly back to his old habits.

The rapper has been making rounds in the headlines lately for starring in the “Crazy In Love” reality television series with his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. And it looks like the drama on the series is just getting started. According to new reports, Blueface was allegedly involved in a massive fight on New Year’s Eve while at a club in Baltimore.

The exact reason for the altercation remains unknown, but it allegedly stemmed from the ongoing beef Blueface has with his girlfriend’s father. According to a Twitter source,

“Blueface got into an altercation last night outside a local club in Baltimore. He and Chrisean Rock [were there] for New Year’s Eve. The fight apparently broke out when Blue ran into some men who are associated with Chrisean’s father, who he fought in September of last year.”

As previously reported, on Sept. 16, a large number of Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s family members and friends were allegedly outside of the Four Seasons in Baltimore, when the 25-year-old rapper got into an intense conversation with his girlfriend’s father. It escalated even further when Chrisean Rock‘s father allegedly sucker punched Blueface in the face, leaving him with a Black eye. The “Thotiana” rapper followed up with a missed swing. However, he eventually got his punch to connect, knocking down his girlfriend’s father.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Blueface laughed off the incident saying “I’m her daddy now” paired with a laughing emoji. Following the physical altercation, Chrisean took to social media to address what happened. She said,

“The same Dad that got knocked out was the same guy that tied my mom up in da woods just to beat her cuz she scream so loud in the house when he beat her in front of us.”

She added,

 “So he went out of his way to damage my whole family, that same dad I met when I was 7. Somebody was been supposed to knock that n*gg* out a long time ago.”

Chrisean Rock, Blueface

And while the recently surfaced video footage appears to show Blueface knocking out his latest target, some have claimed the rapper actually wasn’t involved in the altercation at all.

According to one Twitter user,

“Man that ain’t blue face that’s a regular night on Baltimore street”


Another user added,

“Soo blueface wasn’t actually involved in the fight, he was jus there”

blueface fight

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Authored by: S. G.