Lil Nas X Asks Fans If They Would Be ‘Mad’ If He Came Out As Bisexual

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X Asks Fans If They Would Be ‘Mad’ If He Came Out As Bisexual

Rap star Lil Nas X has an important question for his fan base.

The “Industry Baby” artist posed a hypothetical scenario about his sexuality recently, asking followers if they’d be upset with him if he may be “a little” bisexual instead of gay.

Via Twitter, the singer-songwriter wrote:

“be fr would y’all be mad at me if i thought i was a little bisexual”

It seems many of the musician’s 8 million followers would totally be supportive if he was to confirm his bisexual status. Social media users responded to Lil Nas X, born Montero Lamar Hill, with words of encouragement and positivity. A few women even chimed in shooting their shot at the rap star.

Should the Grammy Award-winning artist step out in front of the world as bisexual, he’ll certainly be more experienced in navigating things. Lil Nas X has been pretty open about the obstacles he’s faced since coming out as gay back in 2019.

Following last year’s BET Awards, the “Old Town Road” artist was candid about being hurt by the platform that’s supposed to support all Black artists. After receiving zero nominations from the awards show for the second year in a row, Lil Nas X wrote:

“thank you bet awards. an outstanding zero nominations again. black excellence!”


“I just feel like black gay ppl have to fight to be seen in this world and even when we make it to the top mfs try to pretend we are invisible.”

The musician also previously stated that he doesn’t talk about homophobia in his music as he believes it’s dangerous to his well-being. In the wake of fellow rapper Da Baby’s 2021 comments many deemed homophobic, Lil Nas X stated:

“The honest truth is, I don’t want to speak on a lot of the homophobia within rap because I feel like this is a very dangerous playing field. It’s more for my own safety rather than anything else.”

At this point in his career, it seems the rap star certainly knows how to maintain being himself despite any backlash. According to the response from his fans, it seems Lil Nas X supporters will be around no matter what!

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Authored by: Kay Johnson