Halle Berry — Ex-UFC Fighter Drops Lawsuit Accusing Actress Of Harming Her Career By Axing Her From 2020 Netflix Film ‘Bruised’

Halle berry, Cat Zingano x Bruised

Halle Berry — Ex-UFC Fighter Drops Lawsuit Accusing Actress Of Harming Her Career By Axing Her From 2020 Netflix Film ‘Bruised’

The former UFC fighter who claimed Halle Berry harmed her career by removing her from a Netflix film has withdrawn her lawsuit.

According to RadarOnline, ex-UFC fighter Cat Zingano has informed the court that she is abandoning her lawsuit against Halle Berry, who allegedly contacted her in 2019 to discuss a role in the movie Bruised. Zingano claimed the two got together in July of that year to discuss the film that marked Halle Berry‘s directorial debut.

Berry allegedly told Zingano she was ideal for the movie and that she should clear her schedule as soon as possible because filming was about to begin. According to Zingano, shortly after, the UFC called and offered her a major fight. However, she said that after she told Berry about the offer, the actress advised her to decline it on the grounds that it could make getting insurance for the movie difficult.

The ex-fighter alleged she then contacted the UFC and followed instructions before being fired, which she feels was a result of her declining the fight offer. Zingano said that because she was no longer competing in the UFC, she was then fired from Bruised. In her lawsuit, which sought an unspecified amount of damages, the boxer claimed that Berry and the production crew cut off all contact with her.

According to reports, Berry denied all accusations of wrongdoing and requested that the entire lawsuit be dismissed. She asserted that there was no oral agreement broken between the two.

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Berry said,

“Zingano chose to appear in the film and not take her next fight. Zingano made this decision without knowing what role she would play in the film or what she would be paid.”

The Catwoman star added that she played no role in the UFC firing Zingano, saying that,

“the UFC terminated Zingano because she had lost 4 out of her last 5 fights. Although those events took place 2 years ago, Zingano filed this suit recently to cash in on the film’s Netflix release on November 24, 2021.”

In addition to Berry, Bruised stars Adan Canto and Adriane Lenox.

According to Netflix’s official description of the film,

“Years after a humiliating defeat, an MMA fighter grabs one last shot at redemption when the young son she left behind comes back into her life.”

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