LaLa Anthony Says Her 15-Year-Old Son Doesn’t Like Her Dating: I Be Sneaking & Texting, It’s Crazy!

Lala & Kiyan Anthony

LaLa Anthony Says Her 15-Year-Old Son Doesn’t Like Her Dating: I Be Sneaking & Texting, It’s Crazy!

If you’re shooting your shot at TV personality Lala Anthony, you’ll have to get through her son first.

The mother of one recently shared while visiting “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” that her teenage son Kiyan is very protective, and doesn’t care for her dating.

Kiyan Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony

After the show’s host, EGOT member Jennifer Hudson, asked the actress if her son is protective like her own son is, additionally inquiring about his reaction to her dating, Anthony responded:

“He’s protective…He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like it at all.”

She continued:

“I’m just like, ‘You just want your mom to be alone? Like, forever?’ He’s like, ‘Kind of…But anytime his friends want to go out and do something, he’s like, ‘All right, Ma, see ya later. I’m going here.’ I’m like, ‘You just leave me in a heartbeat, but you don’t want me to have anybody.’”

Hudson then stated that she can’t even be on the phone around her 13-year-old son named David Daniel Otunga Jr., with Lala empathizing, the actress shared:

“Me either! I feel like it’s my dad in the house or something. I’m sneaking, texting….I’m like ‘this is crazy’!”

The 43-year-old has been on the market since officially divorcing her former NBA husband Carmelo Anthony, 38, who she shares 15-year-old Kiyan with. Reportedly, the pair split in 2017 after numerous reports of the hooper stepping out repeatedly in the marriage. However, after a few years of reported back-and-forth for reconciliation,  Lala moved to legally separate from her child’s father.

Earlier this year, the “Power” actress made headlines after sharing she’s “manifesting a new man” in the New Year, and referenced her songstress bestie Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson as the example. Posting a selfie donning a brown one-piece, Lala shared via Instagram:

“I brought in the New Year a little different this year. Kept things calm which is not my usual AT ALL lol but instead of being down about it I had to remind myself maybe that’s exactly what I needed. Time to myself & time with me & Kiyan just to reflect & be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. We wrote down some goals & manifestations for 2022 so cheers to that? Wishing everyone an amazing New Year with more LOVE more BLESSINGS, GOOD HEALTH and most of all HAPPINESS. Love y’all so much Ps. I saw what YOU did for Ciara (I mean I was around for that) and what u did for Issa and Molly from Insecure sooooo… yeah u know the rest”

The media personality also went on to speak about teaching the high-schooler the importance of respecting women and leading by example. She continued to Hudson:

“[I tell him] women like to hear compliments. Women like people to do nice things for them. So, I start with me so he can learn from me on how to do that.”

She added:

“If someone does something nice for you, acknowledge that. Let them know that was nice or that made you feel special. It’s OK to do that,” she said. “I try to make sure he’s in touch with his feelings.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson