Jeezy Says ‘When You Trying To Do Business, Nobody Cares About What You Done On The Streets,’ While Speaking On No Longer Needing Validation Or ‘Street Cred’ 


Jeezy Says ‘When You Trying To Do Business, Nobody Cares About What You Done On The Streets,’ While Speaking On No Longer Needing Validation Or ‘Street Cred’ 

Rapper turned entrepreneur Jeezy is opening up about elevating his life!

During a recent sit-down with The Breakfast Club, Jeezy, born Jay Wayne Jenkins, 45, spoke about when and why he stopped caring about street credit. The South Carolina native has been incarcerated a number of times on charges ranging from concealed weapons to battery. He’s also previously glorified gang and street life in his music. However, the Thug Motivation 101 artist has seemingly opted to take a different life path, avoiding any more jail stints since his last arrest in 2014.

Speaking on the moment he realized he no longer cared about his “street cred,” the Put On rapper stated:

“When you start walking in those rooms and you trying to business, nobody really care about what you done on the streets,”

He continued:

“What people think about me ain’t none of my spiritual business….I don’t need validation for what you consider to be real for me to be a real man….A lot of the things I did because I was trying to get validation. [Like] I’m about my issues, Imma do this and that…The last time I got locked up in L.A….that’s when I was really like ‘man you got the world, you successful, you on tour, you doing 30,000 people a night, and you in jail – for what?'”


Back in 2014, Jeezy was arrested for having an illegal firearm prior to performing in Irvine, California. Reportedly, he was being investigated in connection to a deadly shooting that happened at a separate tour stop two days prior. Police reportedly found an AK-47 on his tour bus, but he was quickly bonded out as the weapon was not registered in his name.

During the interview, Jeezy continued:

“I remembered everybody calling being like ‘yea man, woo woo woo’, like it’s a real thing, and I’m sitting there going like – ‘I’m about to throw my whole career away cause I’m trying to live by a stereotype and a code’…and if I do go to prison, ain’t none of these people finna send me no money, they ain’t finna write me, they ain’t go look out for my kids…it’s funny.”

It seems his last arrest truly urged the musician to turn things around as his latest life moves certainly align with his words! Pursuing a life outside of rap, Jeezy inked a deal to host his own talk show, Worth A Conversation, on Fox Soul back in 2020. The series seemingly aims to have meaningful conversations with Black professionals about the state of the Black community.

In April of the following year, the musician wedded former co-host of The Real and media personality Jeannie Mai. The celebrity couple welcomed a baby girl named Monaco in January of this year, the first child for Jeannie and Jeezy’s fourth.

Jeannie Mai, Jeezy

We wish Jeezy and his beautiful family and life nothing but success in the future!

Do you agree with Jeezy that people shouldn’t care about street cred? Tell us in the comments!

Authored by: Kay Johnson