‘Xscape’s’ LaTocha Scott Explains Wardrobe Mix-Up + Claims She’s Not Touring w/ Her Group Because The Promoter ‘Threatened’ Her Husband’s Life: They Watched Me Being Dragged On The Internet

‘Xscape’s’ LaTocha Scott Explains Wardrobe Mix-Up + Claims She’s Not Touring w/ Her Group Because The Promoter ‘Threatened’ Her Husband’s Life: They Watched Me Being Dragged On The Internet

LaTocha Scott is sticking up for herself following a red carpet slip-up. 

Yesterday (Nov. 16) singer LaTocha Scott took to Instagram to address the drama that took place with Xscape following the BET’s Soul Train awards over the weekend. 

As you may already know, the popular R&B group Xscape consists of singers Kandi Burruss, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Tamika Scott, and LaTocha Scott. On Sunday (Nov. 13) the “Just Kickin It” ladies made headlines after fans questioned why LaTocha Scott didn’t match her groupmates during their latest red carpet appearance. 

Well, LaTocha is speaking up and letting it be known that she “won’t be silenced by who has the bigger following.” In a lengthy IG post, she elaborated on her side of the wardrobe drama and revealed where she currently stands with her group.

She wrote:

“First off, I’d like to apologize to all of the fans. It’s so unfortunate that I have to tell my truth this way. However, in this new space, I won’t be silenced by who has the bigger following. If I don’t say anything I’m dragged, and if I do say something I’m dragged. So here it goes… Me having my own stylist initially came when the group was at odds with the original stylist about being over charged.”

She continued:

“The group as a whole felt a way about it, so when they decided to use him again, I had already made the decision to work with someone else to avoid the confusion. We’ve done 3 shows together that my stylist styled me and the other ladies wore looks by their stylist, which were all in sync just like the performance look from the awards. My stylist and their stylist was in contact all week about the performance look, so I don’t see how the same info wasn’t shared for the carpet.”

Feeling betrayed, she added:

“Had any of my “sisters” come to my defense, it wouldn’t have gone this far. Instead, they watched me being dragged on the internet as if l’m the problem or this was done intentionally, which is untrue!!”

The mother of one explained to Xscape fans why she will be removing herself from the tour. She said:

“The reason I am not doing the tour is because the promoter the girls are on tour with threatened my husbands life. The promoter was initially brought to the table by my husband for a few shows. Two of the ladies had COVID on the show dates, so my sister and I performed alone in ATL and the other show we had to pull out of. That’s where the deal went left over a situation that could have been resolved!!”

The Georgia native concluded:

“The promoter then referenced getting my husband’s “headtouched” and me being a widow. Would you have gone on tour with him????? If that was any of their husbands they definitely wouldn’t have done the tour either, which I would have supported!!!! Like I told them and management, I’m available for ANY dates that doesn’t include THAT particular promoter. 1 choose FAMILY and LOYALTY over Everything, but when my sister chose to disrespect OUR mother on a public platform, I literally couldn’t stomach it, and we haven’t spoken since. 1 am trusting that God will restore and bring my family back together. This just hurts”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill