21 Savage Gets Into Heated Exchange With A Clubhouse User: The N*gg*s That I F*ck With Will Spank Your Sh*t!

21 Savage

21 Savage Gets Into Heated Exchange With A Clubhouse User: The N*gg*s That I F*ck With Will Spank Your Sh*t!

21 Savage’s name spoke for itself during a tense Clubhouse discussion.

An audio clip surfaced on Monday (Jan. 16) of 21 Savage getting into a heated disagreement with a man on the Clubhouse app, where the Atlanta rapper frequently appears to discuss various topics. The platform became popular during the 2020 pandemic as people created chatrooms, that can accommodate thousands of people, to connect during a time where in-person conversations were dreadful. Some users left the app in the past as things seemingly got back normal, however, celebrities still engage to capitalize off of their voices. A man in the chatroom with 21 Savage, born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, asked the rapper:

“So you sayin’ y’all undefeated on that side. Y’all ain’t took no losses?”

21 Savage passionately disagreed:

“Man, every n*gg* that we beef with, n*gg* 30 of they n*gg*s get smoked n*gg* and don’t nothin’ happen to us n*gg*!In real life n*gg*! This real life n*gg*!”

21 Savage

Cutting the man off mid response, the 30-year-old continued:

“Man. Aye aye look cap you from Chicago. I advise you to shut the f*ck up! I advise you to shut the f*ck up ‘cause the n*gg*s that I f*ck with up there’ll spank your sh*t! So stop playing!”

The London native exclaimed:

“Y’all ain’t spankin’ nothin’ n*gg*!”

Stopping the man from boasting he added:

“That’s the only thing y’all ever did. That’s one n*gg*. Aight.”

The clip comes to an end after 21 Savage insisted:

“Aight look, aight look, aight look, you would die, you would die n*gg*! You would die!”

The “Rich Flex” artist was vulnerable in a past interview amid admitting that he battles paranoia. As previously reported21 Savage told Akademiks:

“I’m scared of everybody n*gga. I ain’t – I’m not f*ck*ng rambo. I’m scared of everybody.”

Reflecting back to the murder of his friend he explained:

“I’m scared of anybody. N*gga I move scared, hell yeah I’m scared. Scared n*gg*s stay alive. ‘Cause I done seen it. It ain’t like, it’s just like, I’m not one of them n*gg*s who just – n*gg* I been shot n*gg*. I seen my friend die, in my face, on my birthday. In the car too. It ain’t like it’s like oh we just standing on the block and a drive by happen. I’m talking bout right here n*gg*. He in the drivers seat, I’m in the passenger seat. Type sh*t.”

21 Savage

He added:

“So I know like this sh*t get wicked fast, like that. You know what I’m sayin’? So it’s like I’m just paranoid always 24/7 n*gg*. I think somebody following me. I’m spinnin’ the block a couple of times before I go in the house.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill