DDG Addresses Drama Surrounding Halle Bailey & Ex Rubi Rose: ‘Stay Away From Negativity, Man, It’s Not 2020’

Halle Bailey, DDG, Rubi Rose

DDG Addresses Drama Surrounding Halle Bailey & Ex Rubi Rose: ‘Stay Away From Negativity, Man, It’s Not 2020’


It looks like DDG isn’t here for the drama!

On Monday (February 13), the “Elon Musk” rapper uploaded a new video to his Youtube channel. In the 37-minute video titled, “the WORST week of my life,” DDG addresses some of the conflicts he’s been a part of recently.

He began,

“I been in my cocoon. Doing my own little thing. Taking time to myself, trying to stay off the internet with all the shenanigans going on. But y’all know me deep down, and y’all know I’m a good n**ga. I’ve always been positive…I don’t know why you folks tryna make me the devil, man!”

He then warns fans to “stay away from negativity.”

“Stay away from negativity, man. It’s not 2020. I just don’t like when people formulate opinions about me, and they don’t really know me. Cuz that could be detrimental.”


As for the reason why DDG chooses to respond to his naysayers, he says if he doesn’t, people will make assumptions about him that aren’t true.

“In the entertainment industry, you can’t be having a bad name. It’s a lot of rumors and allegations you gotta clear up just to stop yourself from taking that type of hate…Believe it or not, everything that you see on the internet isn’t true.”

Despite their recent breakup rumors, girlfriend Halle Bailey was also spotted in the video at the 9:30 mark, seemingly indicating that the pair are still together.

As previously reported, Halle Bailey and DDG sparked breakup rumors after fans noticed the pair unfollowed each other on Instagram and removed all pictures of each other.

DDG also posted a cryptic tweet seemingly about Halle Bailey. In a now-deleted post, DDG wrote,

“all these girls the same [crying emoji] ain’t no way.”

Halle Bailey, DDG

People believed he was insinuating that Halle cheated on him.

Ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose entered the chat when she accused DDG of giving her old t-shirt to his current girlfriend, Halle Bailey.

Rose made the claim after the “Grown-ish” alum posted a video to her Instagram story. In the short clip, Bailey is allegedly wearing the same shirt Rose can be seen wearing in a 2020 post.

Rubi Rose

Reacting to the situation, Rose took to Twitter writing:

“Having ur b*tch where my clothes is crazy lol”


“I like Halle, Ddg a weirdo tho fasho”

Rubi Rose also posted an alleged screenshot of DDG messaging her and asking where she was at.

According to the rapper, DDG sent her the DM following his leaked fight with BaileyRose captioned the post:

“This is why im single”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole