Tommie Lee Reportedly Granted Restraining Order Against Man Who Brought Flowers To Her Front Door, Claiming They’ve Been Dating For 5 Years: ‘I’m Scared, How The F*ck You Got My Address?’

Tommie Lee

Tommie Lee Reportedly Granted Restraining Order Against Man Who Brought Flowers To Her Front Door, Claiming They’ve Been Dating For 5 Years: ‘I’m Scared, How The F*ck You Got My Address?’

Tommie Lee got into a heated exchange with a stalker at her Airbnb.

Early this morning (Feb. 16) the reality television star took to her Instagram story to share a recording of her confronting a man who initially claimed he was a delivery guy. The stalker, who appeared at Tommie Lee’s front door with roses and a seemingly deflated balloon, claimed to know the model. Tommie Lee, who said she remembered seeing the man on a friend’s social media account, asked him:

“I know you but how do you know me?”

The stalker replied:

“I been talking to you.”

However, Tommie didn’t recall speaking to the man. She continued:

“I didn’t give you my address.”

The man reiterated “it’s me” after the 38-year-old asked him to illustrate where he knew her from. He also claimed nobody sent him to her residence. The man continued:

“It’s me baby, it’s me.”

He added:

“Papa Bear, it’s me.”

The stalker then questioned Tommie’s reasoning for recording their interaction and she replied:

“Because n*gg* I’m scared, how the f*ck you got my address!” 

Despite being uncomfortable by the unwanted guest, Tommie couldn’t resist the roses he offered her. Before taking the gift she said:

“Give em’ to me cause I love flowers but we gon’ get to the bottom of this.”

The stalker asked if he could come inside the home, however, she initially denied him entry and called a friend named Tight whom she assumed was associated with the stalker. Via a FaceTime call, Tight confirmed it was her friend at the door and she asked him:

“How you know where Tommie stay?”

According to Tommie, the stalker was granted access into the building because he claimed he had a delivery for her. Tight informed Tommie that the stalker, whose real name appears to be Ryan, claimed he’s been in contact with Tommie for five years. Tommie has denied knowing the man. 


Last video ! But this is how it all started ?????

? original sound – Tommie

Despite Tommie’s concerns for her safety, she eventually allowed the stalker in her home to do chores around the house. Recording their encounter on Instagram live she said:

“So now you need a broom, you haven’t washed one dish. I’m finna get you the broom, you clean up all this stuff.”

He replied:

“Yes I will do it all.”


? original sound – Tommie

While he was in her residence the man claimed reality TV star Bobby Lytes informed him of where his dream girl lived at. However, later during their interaction, the man denied stalking Tommie, claiming he doesn’t have her number and he ended up at the wrong place. He then admitted he doesn’t want to give up the information of how he found her over the fear of Tommie exposing their conversation to the public.

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Following the incident, Tommie revealed she got a trespassing restraining order against the man. She wrote:

“Moral of the story he left with a trespassing/restraining order it could’ve ended way worst all because of blood sucking leeches they will use anybody hell they used my face to use this man those ain’t friend i’ve never been a fool. And I just so happen to have too much to lose to some #Tommiesh*t atm [at the moment] God bless #grownsh*t.”

Tommie’s patience has been tested since the year started. As previously reported, last month the “Love and Hip Hop” star accused famed dancer and former “American Idol” judge Paula Abdul of copying her sunglass illustration. Tommie, who previously launched her sunglass brand Kilt Frames, called out her business partner and Paula Abdul for allegedly stealing her “cat eye” sunglass idea. Claiming to be “discouraged and heartbroken” over the situation, Tommie took to Instagram and said:

“To further explain this, the company Famecast that I was doing business with, I gave them a model, I gave them the idea of the design ‘cat eye’ that I wanted to do, that I wanted to push.”

Paula Abdul

The Atlanta rapper continued:

“You could take a phone call from your lenses. Created that dropped it. They then went behind my back and had Paula to now push it as her own and change the name of my frames.”

She added:

“To all the ignorant people in the back that’s making it like ‘oh she didn’t –’ Yes I did! And I have all of the – I have pen, my name, my lens, my shape, my style.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill