Eva Marcille Becomes Emotional When Discussing Kevin McCall’s Physical Abuse – It Started When I Was Pregnant [VIDEO]

Eva Marcille Becomes Emotional When Discussing Kevin McCall’s Physical Abuse – It Started When I Was Pregnant [VIDEO]

Eva Marcille, a current co-star on the hit Bravo reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta, has not been shy about her issues with ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, music producer Kevin McCall. She has specifically shared why he isn’t allowed to visit his daughter—and now she’s detailing the past physical abuse she suffered at his hands.

Although they have a child together, 5-year-old Marley, the relationship between former couple Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall couldn’t be more strained. Not only have they repeatedly traded barbs back in and forth in the press throughout they years, McCall is also forbidden to even see his daughter due to his past history of domestic violence.

Kevin McCall, daughter Marley

On a recent episode of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Marcille (who is a co-host on the show) opened up about the past physical abuse she endured while she and McCall were together.

She stated:

“Don’t get me into getting him in jail for abusing you. Now, domestic violence is very, very real. I went through domestic violence I finally found the courage to come up and talk about it a couple years ago about what I went through with Kevin and he was definitely extremely violent, physically abusive. And I wasn’t the only person that I’ve has dealt with it. More recently there was a young lady he’s dealing with, knocked all her teeth out, all her fronts out. His child’s mother before me has dealt with domestic violence, his sister, his mother, and obviously the list goes on. And there’s this new young lady that unfortunately was dating him and his inability to have what people call self-control of his frustration and his anger and he takes it out. He’s not a small guy he played D1 football so he’s a nice sized guy. Obviously, beat this girl up…”

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Kevin & Eva circa 2014

Marcille also added:

“I dated Kelvin and I got pregnant and we weren’t really in like in love to be completely honest. It wasn’t a relationship that lasted long enough to really even know him. It (the abuse) didn’t start for me until was pregnant with Marley. The final straw was when Marley was actually in my arms. I was like can’t do this no more.”

McCall was recently arrested on April 15th for domestic violence. He was charged with one felony count of injuring a spouse or cohabitant, according to reports. His arrest stems from an alleged incident that occurred back on January 14th. Records from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department state that McCall was released from jail on April 16th after posting $75,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 30th.


Authored by: Danielle Jennings