Kanye West Finds New Legal Team To Defend Him In $7 Million Legal Battle After Previous Attorney Dropped Him Over His Antisemitic Remarks

Kanye West Finds New Legal Team To Defend Him In $7 Million Legal Battle After Previous Attorney Dropped Him Over His Antisemitic Remarks


Kanye West has finally found a new attorney who will represent him in court.

This good news comes after his previous team dropped him due to his antisemitic remarks.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Kanye West has informed a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that his new lawyer is Gregory K. Nelson from the San Diego law firm Weeks Nelson.

The filing stated,

“I, Gregory K. Nelson, of Weeks Nelson, hereby enter my appearance as counsel for Defendants YE, f/k/a Kanye Omari West, Very Good Touring, Inc., Yeezy Apparel LLC and Yeezy LLC in this matter.”

The Chicago rapper has been without an attorney for months now after his previous lawyer Nina D. Boyajian informed the court she will be withdrawing as his attorney. In a court filing, she said, West had

“publicly made improper antisemitic remarks, resulting in his condemnation by and disassociation from various entities and persons that previously worked with or represented him.”

kanye west

His former lawyer said West had,

“made it unreasonably difficult to continue as their counsel.” In addition, she claimed West was “further in breach of their obligations to defense counsel.”

She argued,

“there is good cause to withdraw as counsel in this action, and defense counsel will be moving to withdraw.”

The judge agreed and granted her permission to withdraw as the rapper’s attorney.

Kanye’s new legal team is now defending the fashion designer in a $7 million lawsuit brought on by a company named Phantom Labs.

The lawsuit states that Phantom Labs worked on projects with Kanye West between June 2021 to March 2022. The performance deals included 4 of his Sunday Service concerts, a listening event for “Donda 2,” the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit show with Drake, and pre-production for his canceled 2022 Coachella performance.

Phantom said West paid the first couple of invoices but then came to an abrupt stop. In February 2022, Phantom said they had outstanding invoices in the amount of $6 million.

The lawsuit also claimed that Kanye had promised to settle his debt with Phantom using the reported $9 million he was supposed to make at Coachella, but he unexpectedly canceled his appearance two weeks before the festival. As a result, the production company was billed $1.1 million in cancellation fees by Coachella that they want the rapper to cover, in addition to the $6 million tab Kanye allegedly has yet to pay.

 Kanye denied all allegations of wrongdoing and accused Phantom of having “failed to perform the services” it was suing for. He said the company had

“performed so poorly that any further payment would be unreasonable and unfair.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole