Bhad Babie Charges Up To $40,000 Per Instagram Post, Lashes Out At Critics Who Say That’s Too Much

Rapper Bhad Babie Goes Off On Fans Saying $20k Per Instagram Story Post Is Too Much: “My Page Is A BUSINESS”

Bhad Babie (real name Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli ) has been adamant about her social media marketing.
Recently, 17-year-old  Bhad Bhabie posted to her Instagram story about promotion rates, saying she starts at $20k for stories:
“promos on my story start a 20k promos on my page start a 35-40k+ depending on what’ being promoted. my page is a BUSINESS so stop catching a attitude when i say i won;t post for 500$”
She also compared her page to that of a business in a department store.
“yall be calling me stingy but y’all won’t walk into the mall and pick out a 50 shirt but tell the store you only got 5$ so they stingy for not selling it to you for what you want to pay…”
When fans began commenting at the star that her rate was too costly, she responded saying in part:
“i don’t understand how i’m “broke” for charging ppl the prices i charge for promo many ppl tha have a high following use their pages as a business and charge pl for promo there’s literally nothing wrong  with it. my page has a high following and high engagement so therefore i would be selling myself short charging anything less than my rate”
When a fan commented that businesses who charge upwards of $20k are often paid by marketing groups, Bhabie clarified her original comment saying:
“its not individual ppl for like a shoutout or something like that i do promos for businesses like fashion nova and brands that are tryna sell something like a product. i wouldnt charge random ppl 20k for a story shout out lol”
Bhad Bhabie isn’t the first to be open about charging prices for social media advertisements.
Rapper Boosie recently commented to fans he’d be charging $500 for an Instagram post to pay for surgeries on his injured leg.
Do you think $40,000 is too much for an Instagram post? Let us know in the comments.
Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel