Wendy Williams Spotted Filming ‘Secret’ Project In New York Restaurant, Sources Say It ‘Looked Like A Reality Show’

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Spotted Filming ‘Secret’ Project In New York Restaurant, Sources Say It ‘Looked Like A Reality Show’

Looks like Wendy Williams fans may see her return to television soon.

The 58-year-old former daytime talk show host was seen with an entire film crew at a New York eatery recently, suggesting she may be working on a new project.

We previously reported on Williams’ night out where she shared with paparazzi that she was doing well and down to 138 lbs. Reportedly, the TV personality was dining at Fresco By Scotto with her publicist Shawn Zanotti & manager Will Selby. Despite the evening seemingly being just a simple dinner with work friends, there was reportedly more going on with the gathering. According to reports, sources claim Williams came in with an entire production team.

Reportedly, one insider stated:

“Basically it was a regular night…and then all of the sudden the Wendy Williams train arrived…She had a huge crew that basically turned Fresco by Scotto into a movie set,”


“Lights, cameras, audio, producers, etc. [It] looked like a reality show…One of the ‘scenes’ was Wendy having dinner with a friend. Wendy came into the dining room with her big personality waving at all the guests, like they were extras in her movie.”

Williams uploaded content from the night to her forthcoming podcast “The Wendy Williams Experience” Instagram page. Reposting footage of her interaction with paparazzi, Williams captioned the post:

“Dinner with the TEAM! @frescobyscotto#nyc#thewendyexperience#stay#tuned#working”

The reports note that neither Williams nor her reps have commented on the project at this time. A new TV series would certainly be a treat for the entertainer’s fans. If you recall, Williams parted ways with her critically acclaimed talk show “The Wendy Williams Show” last year due to several health concerns.

Initially, Williams was supposed to return after her hospital stay. However, alleged struggles with substance abuse, alcoholism, as well as ongoing personal, financial, and network problems prevented a comeback – effectively ending her show after 13 seasons on the air. Sherri Shepherd, who was a recurring guest host during Williams’ hiatus, took over the coveted daytime slot with her own show “Sherri”.

Despite everything, it seems like Williams is laser-focused on moving forward. We are excited to see what comes next for the seasoned TV entertainer!


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Authored by: Kay Johnson