Tyrese Says He Was Having A Bad Reaction To Medication When He Falsely Claimed Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith Gave Him $5 Million: I Still Haven’t Recovered From The Damage That I Did To Him & His Family

Tyrese Says He Was Having A Bad Reaction To Medication When He Falsely Claimed Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith Gave Him $5 Million: I Still Haven’t Recovered From The Damage That I Did To Him & His Family


Tyrese’s vulnerability allowed him to share how psychiatric medication affected his well-being.

Recently, singer Tyrese, born Tyrese Gibson, appeared on “Sway’s Universe” and reflected on a time he had a bad reaction to the anti-depression medication he was prescribed. Tyrese, 44, explained:

“Three, four months and not even knowing it was out – I did not know the f*ck*ng video was out there. I was gone.”


He admitted:

“I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I’ve never been high in my life. When I can’t sleep I take an ambien to go to sleep and I’ll take a five hour energy drink to stay up sometimes when I ain’t got no energy. I’ve never popped a molly, X, percocet, I’ve never drank red or white wine, Heiniken, nothing. Ever in my life.”

The “Baby Boy” actor continued:

“I don’t drink because everything about drugs and alcohol f*ck*d my life up throughout my childhood. Everything was out of control, so which made me a control freak.”

He shared:

“I’m successful because I’ve worked hard as hell to be the opposite of everything that I grew up in and around and these are the fruits.”

Tyrese said:

“So for someone who doesn’t use drugs, you put some sh*t like rexulti in my system, it’s gonna have the worst adverse effects ever.”

Maxwell, Tyrese, Will, Jada

He recalled:

“So I’m online talking ‘bout Will Smith giving me five million dollars. I never talked to Will Smith and I still haven’t recovered from the damage that I did to him and his family, they didn’t deserve them phone calls.”

In 2017  Tyrese took to Instagram to announce that actor Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith gifted him five million dollars to cover legal fees amid his custody battle with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell. As previously reported, he alleged:

“My wife kept the news away from me ’cause I’ve been on with lawyers all day, but our family and our sister Jada Pinkett-Smith and my brother Will Smith just sent us 5 million dollars to help keep us afloat…The Smiths and their whole family has always shown up for The Gibsons. Uncle Will you’re an uncle for real.”

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith

According to Tyrese, he was prescribed medication that affected his mental health after losing custody of his daughter Shayla, who he shares with Norma Mitchell. His ex-wife, who divorced the entertainer in 2009, won custody of their daughter in 2017.

Tyrese with ex wife Norma Gibson & daughter Shayla

Tyrese explained to the radio host Sway Calloway:

“I still havent recovered from announcing Samantha was pregnant when she wasn’t at the time. Everything that was happening, I was out of my mind.”

During the interview, Tyrese was also candid about the emotions he feels when his second ex-wife Samantha Lee drops their daughter off.

“In front of my house is my office. So I would send the nanny out the front door and I had curtains. My windows are tinted in my office. Everytime Sam would pull up to drop the baby off I’d be standing behind the curtain just looking.”

He said:

“Everything about her energy was like she had disconnected and disassociated herself from anything that had to do with everything. We got married in this house. We made this baby in this house. We had our first dance in this house. How the f*ck could you pull up to this house with so many emotional and sentimental moments that we have shared and started a family and you pullin’ up droppin’ the baby off like it’s f*ck*ng daycare.”

Tyrese, Samantha Lee

Tyrese and Samantha Lee tied the knot in 2017. His estranged wife decided to file for divorce three years later. The former couple shares a three-year-old daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill