Chilli Is Open To Having Children w/ Boyfriend Matthew Lawrence, But Only If They Tie The Knot: ‘I Gotta Be Married For Sure’

Chilli Is Open To Having Children w/Boyfriend Matthew Lawrence, But Only If They Tie The Knot: ‘I Gotta Be Married For Sure’

TLC singer Chilli is weighing in on recent conversations about her possibly having more babies.

The “Waterfalls” artist says there’s one crucial factor that will determine if family expansion is in her future or not.

Reacting to her current beaux Matthew Lawrence, 43, revealing the new couple’s desire to start a family together, Rozanda ‘Chilli‘ Thomas, 52, reportedly stated:

“You never know…I would never say that [I’m done].”

Chilli and Matthew Lawrence (via Christal Jordan/TMZ)

However, the musician says that becoming a mother for the second time around will certainly not come before she walks down the aisle. Reportedly, Chilli subsequently stated:

“I gotta be married for sure … and I’m not married, yet,” 

Chatter surrounding Chilli and Matthew Lawrence‘s baby aspirations began after the TV star revealed they had a “game plan” to start a family. The “Boy Meets World” alum currently has no offsprings of his own, while Chilli shares 25-year-old son Tron with musician Dallas Austin.

Chilli, Tron

Lawrence gushed about his musical boo and what an amazing mother she’s been in a previous interview, admitting he’d be “lucky” to procreate with the singer. He stated:

“She’s already a mother, she has an incredible son. I respect so much as to how she’s raised him…She’d be an incredible mother again and I’d be incredibly lucky but that’s way in the future.”

Although it’s only been a short time since their romance began, sources have shared the two seem to be smitten with one another. Reportedly, the entertainers went exclusive back in November of last year following a short vacation together in Hawaii. A few months later the pair went social media public, posting an adorable dance video together wearing a matching pajama set.

Chilli’s longtime rep also seemingly confirmed the validity of their relationship. Reportedly, the artists longtime friend and rep stated:

“I’ve been with Chilli since 2005 and I’ve never seen her this in love.”

It seems it may not be a stretch to believe we’ll see Chilli and Lawrence jumping the broom soon!


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Authored by: Kay Johnson