Mystikal — Louisiana Judge Issues Gag Order In Rapper’s Rape Case, Silencing All Potential Witnesses & Attorneys


Mystikal — Louisiana Judge Issues Gag Order In Rapper’s Rape Case, Silencing All Potential Witnesses & Attorneys

A judge has formally silenced the lawyers and potential witnesses in the Mystikal rape case.

Judge Steven Tureau reportedly recently issued the gag order at a hearing in Gonzales, Louisiana, prohibiting lawyers, potential witnesses, and law enforcement from speaking to the media about Mystikal‘s case. Attorney Tiffany Myles Crosby requested the order due to “an inordinate amount of publicity.”

The rapper (real name Michael Tyler) was detained last year on suspicion of raping a woman at his Prairieville home. Authorities claim he choked the victim and threatened her with scissors during a disagreement over money.

Mystikal, who has been behind bars since his arrest in July 2022, pleaded not guilty to charges including first-degree rape.


And this isn’t the first time that the registered sex offender and multi-platinum-selling rapper found himself at the center of such claims. In fact, his July arrest marks the third time the musician was detained on a rape charge in the past 20 years.

Mystikal served six years in prison following a guilty plea to sexual battery and extortion charges in 2003. The “Here I Go” artist was also charged with rape and kidnapping in 2017, serving 18 months in prison prior to the lawsuit being dropped due to a lack of evidence.

The rapper was previously denied bond in the case, and his attorney, Joel Pearce recruited a forensics firm to help prepare a defense for his client.

Pearce claimed,

“Some of the most important data in this case is trapped in a mobile phone and social media providers.. I immediately contacted Garrett Discovery to formulate a plan to capture the data so that justice can be served.”

Garrett Discovery’s CEO Andrew Garrett proclaimed his team would examine digital evidence to determine the facts, saying,

“Law enforcement and prosecutors have the ability to search homes, arrest and jail those whom they feel are guilty. This comes with a great responsibility, but unfortunately, with high caseloads and mounting pressure, we often see cases that are not well developed or have come to the wrong conclusion. Attorney Pearce’s relentless pursuit of the truth will leave no stone unturned.”

Mystikal‘s trial in his current rape case is expected to start this summer, he faces life in prison if convicted.

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