Magic Johnson Joins List Of Celebs Bidding On The Washington Commanders Football Team

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson Joins List Of Celebs Bidding On The Washington Commanders Football Team

NBA legend Magic Johnson is once again pursuing NFL ownership.

After previously failing to secure the Denver Broncos, reports state the basketball great has now turned his sights on the Washington Commanders.

According to reports, Earvin ‘MagicJohnson, 63, is part of a collective group seeking to purchase the East Coast team. Reports note the group, led by entrepreneur Josh Harris, is compromised of the same individuals the Lakers giant teamed up with last year to bid on the Broncos. Though their prior efforts were unsuccessful, it seems the bunch is gearing up for another attempt at NFL team ownership.

News of Johnson’s team joining the race comes after several other well-known celebs have reportedly expressed interest. As we reported back in November, fellow billionaires Jeff Bezos, Jay Z, and Byron Allen also made a bid when news first broke that the NFL team was being sold. It’s unclear at this time, however, if the three powerhouses remain in the race. Reportedly, the Washington Commanders franchise is valued at $5.6 billion.

Reports state that Johnson’s group is one of four that recently toured the Commanders’ facilities. Their chances reportedly increased since their first NFL team bid, with the addition of a Washington-based billionaire named Mitchell Rales whose net worth sits around $5.5 billion, according to Forbes. Should Johnson and his team acquire the sale, it would greatly add to the Hall of Famers sports ownership portfolio. Reportedly, the former hoop star also partly owns the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Sources familiar with the matter allege that serious meetings to sell the team have begun, but will likely not be finalized until sometime in May.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson