Blueface Questions Again If He’s The Father Of Chrisean Rock’s Baby, Alludes She Should Get An Abortion: [I’m] Finna Live My Life Perfectly Fine w/ The Next B*tch

Blueface Questions Again If He’s The Father Of Chrisean Rock’s Baby, Alludes She Should Get An Abortion: [I’m] Finna Live My Life Perfectly Fine w/ The Next B*tch

Viral sensations Blueface and Chrisean Rock have broken up for the umpteenth time, and Blueface (seemingly) urged his pregnant ex-girlfriend to get an abortion.

On Sunday (Mar. 12), Blueface took to his social media to let off some steam, leaving the internet in a complete frenzy. Amid the rapper’s latest online blow-up, he ranted about his lack of respect for Chrisean Rock after she (allegedly) so-called cheated on him and failed to do anything for his birthday this year.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock

26-year-old Blueface, who was born on January 20, 1997, tweeted:

“Have you ever noticed when you treat b*tches like sh*t they act right [and] when you [too] nice to [them] they take advantage[?]” 

He then dropped a random “plan C” tweet before continuing with,

“I’ve only had one solid b*tch my entire life [and] it’s not who y’all think it is.”

However, it didn’t quite end there, the “Thotiana” rhymer (obviously) had some heavy Twitter fingers on his hands because he kept the tirade going. While we’re not sure what ignited the beef… exactly, it’s clear that Blueface’s feelings were halfway hurt due to a two-month-old celebration that he didn’t receive from Chrisean Rock on his special day.

He wrote,

“Perfect timing lol b*tch ain’t do none for my [birthday] since females love equality…me too a** b*tch it’s cool when [you] do it it’s a problem when I do it a** b*tch stand on it when it’s yo turn.”

Blueface then alluded to his discontentment with Rock for supposedly stepping outside of their relationship as a revenge tactic in response to his previous infidelity.

The California-born lyricist expressed,

“I don’t deal with me too typa b*tches good lol if you f*ck a thousand n*ggas you a h*e if I f*ck a thousand b*tches ima player it’s not the same those females who don’t accept [and] understand the double standard will be left lonely on the best holidays I promise it’s a difference.”

Chrisean Rock w/ her baby bump

He proceeded,

“I can be a man to a [woman] I can’t be a man to no women that think they can do what men can do [and] it’s equal.”

Somehow, Blueface then led himself into a not-so-women’s-empowerment speech, encouraging his ‘Crazy In Love’ co-star to know her worth.

“Ight I’m done playing ima leave this b*tch pregnant [and] let’s see if that me [too] works lmao men can’t get pregnant for a reason that p*ssy got power it can create life fr know yo worth… p*ssy is more valuable [than] d*ck b*tches ain’t cute outside pregnant.”

Despite saying that he was “done playing,” Blueface took it a notch further and praised his first baby’s mother, Jaidyn Alexxis, for being a “righteous woman” by not making him guess the paternity of their second child.

In an Instagram caption under a video of Jaidyn Alexxis’ surprise announcement to him, he indicated that he felt that the notion of Rock’s pregnancy wasn’t as “memorable” as his ex’s and that it may be better to terminate it altogether.

He said,

“This is what it’s supposed to look like when a [woman] tells a man she pregnant any other response or question you should abort the baby [and] treat the next n*gga better for the sake f you him [and] the baby no man should question the paternity of a child.”

Of course, Rock responded to Blueface’s virtual antics and (somewhat) let it be known that she was washing her hands of the situation and letting her used-to-be man get the anger “off his chest.”

“I get it I’m not mad at him or bout whatever Im grateful you loved me this far. [And] I’ll never stop loving you. You so angry [you] can just fight with yo self get all [that] off ya chest.”

From there, the back-and-forth commenced, and Blueface claimed that he was leaving Rock to “make a fool out of herself” with the next guy.

“She pregnant missing a tooth with 7 tattoos finna make a fool out of herself with the next n*gga [and] I’m not pregnant at all [I’m] finna live my life perfectly fine with the next b*tch who gone take me even more serious not it’s really tragic fr.”

Chrisean Rock, Blueface

Rock replied,

“I take you serious. You just hate me rn. I don’t need the next n*gga I got myself.”

She expanded her comment by reminding Blueface that (regardless of the disrespect) he still had a lot of love for her. The 22-year-old also stated that he was being “petty” about the matter.

“[I don’t] regret anything about myself so honestly trynna put me down is a low blow coming from a man that know he loves me.”

Blueface carried on with his “uplifting” remarks about women holding more power than men on Twitter and extended the conversation in his Instagram stories.

Following the backlash, Blueface alleged that a lot of Rock’s supporters were latching on to her “get-back” movement that he accused her of parading to the public.

He clapped back,

“Crazy a n*gga telling y’all a female is more valuable [than] a man [and] the only people that disagree is females…mad at the message y’all must have been me too’s for [too] long so you stuck on that side of the fence im sorry baby the truth hurts.”

According to Rock, Blueface is currently in Dubai, and she’s unclear on why the two are even at odds.

Nothing else has been said from the rocky pair (so far). Blueface seems to be somewhere on a boat, while Rock is sobered up and getting used to the idea of “not needing anybody to be happy.”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell