Kandi Burruss Calls Fellow Xscape Member LaTocha Scott ‘Corny’ For Making Jokes About Her Voice: ‘I’ve Been On Other Hits That’s Bigger Than You’

Kandi Burruss Calls Fellow Xscape Member LaTocha Scott ‘Corny’ For Making Jokes About Her Voice: ‘I’ve Been On Other Hits That’s Bigger Than You’

Well, it looks like groupmates Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott just can’t seem to “Xscape” their beef!

If you didn’t know, since the premiere of Bravo’s newest reality show, SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B, the ongoing drama between LaTocha Scott (aka Bivens) and Kandi Burruss has been living in the headlines from week to week.

LaTocha Scott

Recently, LaTocha Scott took to her YouTube channel to “speak on” the six-part limited series and the controversy that has come with it.

However, while debunking the rumor that she’d stolen money from her sister (fellow Xscape member Tamika Scott) seemed to be at the forefront of the issues, the “Stay With Me” songstress also addressed her “matter-of-the-mic” beef with Kandi Burruss.

Kandi Burruss

Not too long ago, Burruss (aka Tucker), who’s known for her online phenomenon ‘Speak On It,’ remarked that Scott accused her of jealousy. According to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Scott said that Burruss envied the fact that she sang lead in their earlier days of Xscape.

In the episode, Burruss slammed the claims of jealousy by naming all of the Xscape hits that she’d led as well, indicating that Scott’s comment was a “reach.”

But… Scott’s ‘LaTocha Speaks’ video claimed otherwise, as she stated,

“Now, let’s be clear, I never said that [Kandi] didn’t sing lead; I said she had an issue with me singing lead.”

Additionally, the 49-year-old recalled an incident where Burruss allegedly cried to the band’s writer/producer Jermaine Dupri about Scott heading most of the songs.

Jermaine Dupri

Before adding in a snippet of Burruss hitting a high note on a previous season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ Scott sarcastically added,

“Listen, I ain’t never had no problem with her singing lead. Go ‘head, girl!”

She then cut to a clip of Tiny laughing and uttering “h*ll nah” in the confessionals of an unrelated scene in SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B, which was (seemingly) done in response to Burruss’ vocals.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the “Legs, Hips, Body” singer caught on to Scott’s shadiness, and she had a few palm trees of her own to throw out.

Burruss started off by labeling Scott’s actions as “corny,” alluding that her skills were responsible for the group’s classics.

“This is the part that is like really corny of [LaTocha]… to me. You are trying to clown a person’s voice whose voice is leading on half the hits that is your claim to fame. The biggest hit that you’ve ever been on, which is ‘Just Kickin’ It,’ is the voice that you’ve been clowning–or that you’re clowning in your video.”

The 46-year-old continued, expressing how shocked she was to hear that her groupmate would even poke fun at her when they’re “supposed to be making money together.”

She explained,

“Other people can try to make jokes about my voice or whatever, but me and you are in a group together! We supposed to make money together; we supposed to hit the stage together. You been hearing my voice all these years…as you making money off of it. Right? But you on your video trying to make jokes about my voice? The same voice who has accomplished more than you, with your amazing voice that you try to put out there that you have!”

Kandi Burruss

Burruss followed up with a little flaunting and flexing, letting it be known that her musical presence is solidified–in and out of Xscape.

Prior to showing off her 2013 chart-topping gospel track “Stay Prayed Up,” which featured the celebrated Marvin Sapp, the Old Lady Gang owner detailed,

“I’ve been on other hits that’s bigger than you.”

Burruss concluded the subject with,

“Yeah, people been clowning [my singing], but, lately, they been clowning you, too, for singing them same tired runs you been singing since 1993! They been clowning you, too, but have I been trying to go online like, ‘Oh, she sings them same tired runs!’ It’s not like I never thought it.”

Xscape, LaTocha Scott

Ultimately, Burruss revealed that she doesn’t wish to perform with Scott any longer, however, she wished her well on her forthcoming solo album, The Invitation.

In another segment of the episode, Burruss touched on her current problem with Tamar Braxton and what (re)ignited the continuous feud. As you may know, this year, Tamar Braxton alleged that Burruss and her husband, Todd, tried to get physical with her.

Tamar Braxton

A few months back, Burruss exposed producer Carlos King for allegedly going behind her back and trying to steal Xscape’s life story for a biopic. Tamar Braxton gave commentary on the matter during Dish Nation and even carried her sentiments to Instagram, siding with Carlos King.

When speaking on Tamar Braxton, Burruss confessed that it wasn’t necessarily what the “Changed” songbird said about her and Carlos King’s dispute on Dish Nation but her need to egg it on social media.

See what she had to say below about all the drama:

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell