Damson Idris Says Jay-Z ‘Supports Everyone’ While Discussing How The Billionaire Helped Him Get A Green Card

Damson Idris Says Jay-Z ‘Supports Everyone’ While Discussing How The Billionaire Helped Him Get A Green Card

It seems all billionaires aren’t so bad!

“Snowfall” actor Damson Idris certainly made a case for music mogul Sean ‘Jay-Z Carter recently, revealing how the musician has helped him and so many others throughout their entertainment careers.

Damson Idris

During his interview with Speedy Morman, Damson Idris, 31, reluctantly confirmed that the Tidal founder sponsored his green card back in the day. Responding to the question of whether or not the favor was asked for or offered by Jay-Z, the actor stated:

“He didn’t offer that up! I had to ask…But he’s done many things for me over the years, he’s always supported me. He supports everyone. He supports so many people that, you don’t even know.


He continued:

“Genuinely, I should tell everyone this right now: If you ever run into Jay-Z, just say thank you and keep it moving. Because he is definitely a pioneer of the culture, but of everything. And I’ve never told him this, but he’s a huge idol of mine. Thank you for that reference…I won’t tell you how it happened ’cause there’s a couple more favors that I’m gonna need in the future…but yeah, he hooked me up with that.”

Damson Idris

Damson Idris stormed onto the television scene with his breakout role in the drug drama series “Snowfall” back in 2017. Since then, the actor has only increased in popularity. More recently, the entertainer appeared in the Donald Glover-produced Amazon show “Swarm” alongside Chloe Bailey and Dominique Fishback. Idris went on to credit a few more people who “hooked him up” along the way to TV stardom, adding:

“Rich Paul did too. Tommy Schlamme, Eric Schrier — a bunch people hooked me up. They’re people who just believe in me, believe this journey that I’m on and I’m gonna repay the favor to the people coming behind me, too.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Idris also opened up about his very (much) public relationship with socialite Lori Harvey. The pair got together shortly after Lori Harvey’s split from “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan. After the interviewer asked why he chose to not keep his current relationship private like he previously has, Idris responded:

“I guess I’m just growing. I’m just learning. I’m not letting certain things effect me and I’m also understanding that life is life and social media is social media. Sometimes you may do different things sometimes, you may act out of touch sometimes but you learn,”

Damson Idris, Lori Harvey

Evading specifics about the relationship, Idris smiled big and continued:

“With my relationship today, um it’s great. Life is great. And I’m just moving forward.”

You can watch Damson’s full interview with Speedy below!


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Authored by: Kay Johnson