Floyd Mayweather’s Longtime Assistant Markikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico Laid To Rest After Suddenly Falling Ill

Floyd Mayweather, Markikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico

Floyd Mayweather’s Longtime Assistant Markikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico Laid To Rest After Suddenly Falling Ill Following Trip To Dubai

Sad news!

On Saturday (Apr. 22) Floyd Mayweather’s longtime assistant Markikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico family took to her Instagram account to reveal that she was recently laid to rest. Announcing her transition to the spiritual world in a series of two posts, her family wrote:

“At the behest of Kitchie’s parents-private/immediate family homegoing services recently took place.”

Floyd Mayweather, Kitchie Laurico

They continued:

“We are indebted to all those who (with pure intentions of concerns and distress) have inquired about the aforementioned arrangements.”

They added:

“To your liking, feel honored to commemorate Kitchie’s life by way of servicing time to your local favorite cause (versus for ex: a pompous, gaudy tribute) or more preferably radiate kindliness, be a messenger of joy, be just to yourself and others… be a brilliant star. With humility, the siblings of Kitchie Laurico.”

The follow up post – seemingly written on the day Kitchie passed away – read:

“…And there empty-handed without worldly gems she hastily ascended unswearving through the early morning winds heedless of the visible Saturn in the east. Swiftly like a vanishing shadow rapid as a vapor in the wilderness. With heighten senses and luminous felicity she winged to the loftiest mount of radiance in the world of mysteries; surrendering to us with only drifting remnant of nobility to hier to.”

As previously reported, Floyd Mayweather’s friend and personal assistant for over 10 years passed away at 47-years-old. On Apr. 1, her siblings and parents took to Instagram to confirm the death of the boxing champion’s employee. The post read:

“On March 31, 2023, our brilliant star Kitchie abandoned the physical garment…the angels of Thy loving-kindness descended successively upon her and have ascended her to the spiritual world…We are grateful for your patience and honoring our privacy…With humility, The siblings and parents of Kitchie Laurico”

The celebrity assistant seemingly died 10 days after she took to Instagram to share a photo at her favorite Dubai resort Nammos.

Reportedly, Floyd Mayweather met Kitchie over a decade ago and hired her as the TMT marketing manager without hesitation. It wasn’t long before the Philippines native was reportedly trusted to manage all aspects of the the athlete’s life. She reportedly traveled the world often alongside the boxer. The official cause of Kitchie’s death hasn’t been disclosed as yet, however, there are reports of a heart attack being the reason for her passing. As previously reported, an alleged picture of one of her last conversations seemingly to suggests she was on bed rest after falling ill.

Mayweather hasn’t addressed Kitchie’s death publicly at this time.

theJasmineBRAND sends our condolences to Kitchie’s loved ones.

Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill