Floyd Mayweather’s Longtime Assistant Markikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico Passes Away At 47 After Suddenly Falling Ill [CONDOLENCES]

Floyd Mayweather, Kitchie Laurico

Floyd Mayweather’s Longtime Assistant Markikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico Passes Away At 47 After Suddenly Falling Ill [CONDOLENCES]

Very sad news.

Markikit ‘Kitchie’ Laurico, decade long friend and personal assistant to boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, has suddenly passed away. She was 47 at her time of death.

Kitchie Laurico

Kitchie Laurico’s death was confirmed via an Instagram post uploaded yesterday (April 1sst). Signed by her siblings and parents, the message read:

“On March 31, 2023, our brilliant star Kitchie abandoned the physical garment…the angels of Thy loving-kindness descended successively upon her and have ascended her to the spiritual world…We are grateful for your patience and honoring our privacy…With humility, The siblings and parents of Kitchie Laurico”

After the news spread, many left endearing comments under the post. Remembering Kitchie’s life and positive spirit, one user told a heat warming story of meeting the”humble, girls girl” while interviewing Floyd Mayweather. She wrote:

“@floydmayweather came to the radio station I worked at so I could interview him, and help promote party he was having. Kitchie was with him and I told Floyd I was so excited to see HER and meet her in person, he laughed and was like oh she’s never gonna leave the studio now! She was humble, beautiful, and a girls girl. She told me she met Floyd at a gas station and he changed her life, and how blessed she was. She ALWAYS talked about how blessed she was and how thankful she was. So happy she lived a beautiful life, she deserved all the good stuff”

Reportedly, Kitchie met Floyd Mayweather a little over a decade ago and was quickly hired as the TMT marketing manager. Not before long, the Philippines native was reportedly trusted with managing all aspects of the super star’s life. Kitchie was said to have often traveled  the world alongside the champ.

Kitchie Laurico, Floyd Mayweather

It seems Ktichie developed strong times with the boxer’s family as well. Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna ‘Yaya’ Mayhweather as well as one his children’s mothers. Melissia Brim posted tributes Kitchie following her passing. Yaya shared a series of videos and pictures the two appear in together, writing:

“This doesn’t feel real… my heart is so heavy. You were more than just my dad’s assistant you were family. You were the definition of someone with a good heart, you always lifted people up and made them feel good about themselves. Kj loved watching “sharkie” with you. There’s no one like you will truly be missed, love you forever. Rip Kitchie”

With Brim doing the same, adding:

“Kitchie I just wanted to say how broken my heart is right now. You were definitely a blessing in my life & my family’s as well. We were just sitting ringside last weekend laughing & talking about how blessed we were. I think about how much I’m going to miss you & it hurts my heart even more to know when KJ goes to his paw paw’s house that he will be walking around looking for you saying “Kitchie Kitchie” he loved you so much & you watched all the movies with him haha. I will cherish all the memories I have you forever! Everyone that knew you LOVED you & I’m praying for your family. You were my courtside, ringside & photo buddy!! I love you & God Bless you RIH”

Floyd Mayweather has not spoken about Kitchie’s death publicly at this time. It’s unconfirmed, but reported by the Sandra Rose website, that a heart attack was the unofficial cause of death. An alleged picture of one of Kitchie’s last conversations seemingly to suggests she was bed written after falling ill. We will continue to update as more details come forward.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson