‘Love Is Blind’ Alum Iyanna McNeely Reveals Ex-Husband Jarrette Jones Cheated On Her During Their One Year Of Marriage: ‘That Man Didn’t Like Me’

Iyanna McNeely, Jarrette Jones

‘Love Is Blind’ Alum Iyanna McNeely Reveals Ex-Husband Jarrette Jones Cheated On Her During Their One Year Of Marriage: ‘That Man Didn’t Like Me’

The drama surrounding Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” reality series continues.

In August of last year, many “LIB” viewers were shocked to learn that Iyanna McNeely and her then-husband Jarrette Jones decided to end their relationship after just one year of marriage. As you may recall, the pair met during Season 2 of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind,” a reality dating series where people get engaged before seeing their partner.

At the time of announcing their separation, the former love birds didn’t reveal details about what led to their breakup, and quickly finalized their divorce two months after sharing they ended things.

Well, it looks like we’re finally getting answers as to why Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones ended their marriage. During the latest episode of her podcast, “Feel in the Blank,” Iyanna McNeely shared with listeners that her ex cheated on her and she found out via an email from the other woman. When asked by her co-host if there’s anything she feels “comfortable to release,” Iyanna simply said,

“Jarrette cheated.”

She continued,

“I found out three days before ‘After The Alter.’ I received an email with very – details, with details, very specific details.”

Iyanna McNeely, Jarrette Jones

For those who may be unaware, “After The Alter” is a mini-followup segment Neflix typically airs following a “Love Is Blind” season that gives fans a chance to see how the couples and participants are doing after getting married/not getting married.

Later in the conversation, she added,

“Immediately I was like, ‘I want a divorce.’”


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Iyanna then gave fans more information about Jarrette’s cheating activities during a TikTok live stream. When asked who emailed her, she replied,

“The girl [and] no, it’s nobody that ya’ll knew [from ‘Love Is Blind’].”


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Another fan questioned if she would still be with her ex if he never cheated and Iyanna replied,

“No, I actually wouldn’t because we’re so incompatible. It wasn’t just [the cheating], we were wildly incompatible. Different interests, he’s not growth mindset, and that frustrated the sh*t out of me. He used to think I talked too much…that man didn’t like me…”

The podcaster also let her followers know that despite Jarrette’s infidelity, they did try to “work it through” but she eventually realized she “couldn’t do it.” She added,

“He’s not a bad guy…he’s just ridiculously unhealed.”

Jarrette Jones

Jarrette has yet to directly address what his ex revealed but he did share a cryptic post to his IG stories today (Apr. 26), alluding that he’ll be telling his side of things soon.

It’s still unclear if  “Love Is Blind,” but Netflix might have accidentally proven that love is definitely messy!

What are your thoughts on this entire situation? What do you think Jarrette Jones will share? Tell us below!   

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel