A$AP Rocky – Woman Pushed By Rapper Prior To Met Gala Says She Has No Plans To Take Legal Action Over The Incident

A$AP Rocky – Woman Pushed By Rapper Prior To Met Gala Says She Has No Plans To Take Legal Action Over The Incident

A$AP Rocky didn’t let a little crowd stop him from getting ready for the Met Gala.

Moments before the Met Gala began yesterday (May 1) rapper A$AP Rocky was spotted taking a shortcut to enter his hotel to prepare for the annual fundraising event.

In a now-viral video, A$AP Rocky approached a barricade — surrounded by onlookers — in an all-black outfit paired with large sunglasses. The rapper must have been running late, because instead of opting to walk around the metal barrier and crowd of screaming fans, he decided to jump over the divider.

Prior to jumping, he reportedly asked someone to briefly hold his bag. The soon-to-be-father-of-two then used a spectator’s face for balance as he hopped over the railing. Initially, the crowd appeared to be appalled by what occurred, however, after Rocky, 34, took off his hood to reveal himself, their attitudes quickly changed.

Following the crazy entrance, many wondered who was the person that was (accidentally) pushed by the Harlem artist. However, it didn’t take long for the woman to reveal herself. She soon took to Twitter and said:


She then shared a point-of-view selfie of herself after her encounter with the entertainer. She continued:

“ASAP Rocky just literally jumped over me.”

The fan also disclaimed that it was unnecessary to take legal action against Rocky:

“Stop asking if im suing asap literally how would i do that.”

She continued her series of tweets by mentioning that although Rocky pushing her aside was memorable, she would have rather had that experience with Harry Styles:

“i am literally a Harry Styles fan like trust asap was not the man i wanted to manhandle me.”

As you may know, Rocky hit the Met Gala red carpet with his billionaire girlfriend Rihanna, 35, who is pregnant with their second child. The Fenty founder wore a floral white gown with false eyelashes attached to her white glasses. Rocky wore a white button-up, black tie, and plaid skirt paired with bedazzled jeans.

What are your thoughts on A$AP Rocky pushing a fan to hop over a barricade at the Met Gala? Tell us below.


Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill