Summer Walker Admits to Having Butt Enhancements: “I just had a long back! I didn’t have much a**!”

Summer Walker Admits to Having Butt Enhancements: “I just had a long back! I didn’t have much a**!”

Former stripper/singer Summer Walker‘s beloved anonymity may not have lasted very long, but she’s certainly enjoying the financial perks of fame. In a girl chat with fellow singer Ari Lennox, the R&B songbirds talked about what they’re over, in honor of Summer’s number one debut album, “Over It.” The list included monogamy, menstrual cycles, dating, and more!

Summer Walker’s “Over It” Album Cover

Summer Walker is an advocate for plastic surgery, while Ari Lennox admitted that she didn’t know Summer had body enhancements.

“Summer Walker: I’m into that sh*t. I need the a**, I need the t*tties-

Ari Lennox: You gon’ get a a**!

Summer: I already got my a**!

Ari: Summer, what the f*ck! For real?

Summer: You wanna see?

Ari: Yeah! I didn’t know! You got your a**?”

“Summer: It’s a little fat- just a little bit!

Ari: Can I touch this?

Summer: Yeah!

Ari: Wow! It feels lovely!

Summer: Thank you! You know, I didn’t wanna do too much.

Ari: It’s a good a**!

Summer: I had a back, though, that ran into my a**. So it was, like, just a long back. I didn’t have much a**.”

Ari Lennox

Perhaps in light of Ari’s Pro-LGBTQ Twitter rant, Summer admitted that she’s dated women before.

“Ari: Have you ever been with a woman?

Summer: -Yes!

Ari: Really, Summer? That’s phenomenal! So can you tell me, like, your type?

Summer: I have really weird types. 4’1″ and f*cking studs. Like, little studs. Little cute studs.

Ari: I’ve always wanted to be with a woman, but they never tried to have sex with me. They never tried!

Summer: Just roll up!”

Summer Walker and Ari Lennox quickly learned that they have a lot in common. They both share a disdain for performing.

“Ari: Why did you name your album, ‘Over It?’

Summer: ‘Cause I’m over it. I’m over it all! I’m over performing.

Ari: Wait, whoa! I feel you! It’s a lot! It takes a lot of f*cking energy to get on that stage- especially if you’re f*cking depressed.

Summer: You’re really good at it, though!”

Watch the ladies entire sit-down below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay