Update: Cher & A.E. Officially Breakup, Pair Was Never Engaged


Cher, AE

Update: Cher & A.E. Officially Breakup, Pair Was Never Engaged


Update: (May 1, 2023): Another celebrity couple has called it quits!

According to reports, Cher, 76, and music executive A.E., 36, are no longer an item. The pair initially went public with their relationship in November 2022. Despite concerns some seemed to have over their 40-year age gap, Cher and A.E. didn’t keep their love for one another a secret. They were often spotted out together on dates and in December A.E. gifted his then-girlfriend with what many assumed was a shiny engagement ring.

Well, it looks like both Cher and A.E. are back to the single life. A source close to the couple has shared that they split weeks ago. The insider also claimed that the ring A.E. gave the “Strong Enough” singer was just a kind gesture and they were never engaged.

You may recall that when Cher posted the ring online she seemingly ignited the engagement rumors by captioning the image,


However, the insider said that the couple decided to play into the rumors that they were getting married but that was never the plan.

As of now, it’s unclear why Cher and A.E. ended things.



Original story: (May 2, 2023): It looks like legendary songstress Cher’s honeymoon phase with A.E. (full name Alexander Edwards) is coming to an end.

According to RadarOnline, 76-year-old Cher isn’t so sure about her steamy romance with record boss A.E. anymore.

As you may know, Cher and 36-year-old A.E. met at Paris Fashion Week last year. However, whispers of a budding relationship between the two didn’t seem to ignite until November when they were spotted holding hands and having dinner while hanging out with rapper Tyga.

Ultimately, it was confirmed that Cher and A.E. were (in fact) dating, and the “Believe” singer began sharing photos of her new boo via social media around Thanksgiving.

The following month, in December, Cher was seen flaunting what appeared to be an engagement ring that A.E. gifted her, simply captioning the Twitter image:


Of course, the ring sparked much speculation. While many reports claimed that Cher would be making things official by marrying A.E., some suggested that the ring was nothing more than a from-the-heart gesture from the love of her life.

However, as it stands currently, the controversial item’s anticipated wedding may no longer be on the calendar… or even in the cards at all.

Allegedly, Cher is having second thoughts after realizing that her family just might be right about A.E.’s rumored money motives behind dating the iconic pop star.


Talks of Cher’s adult children not being too fond of A.E. previously made their rounds in the media, but… A.E. assured the paparazzi that they were one, big happy family. However, it seems that despite what A.E. shared, there is drama brewing. An insider claimed that Cher is actually starting to “see A.E. in a different light.” They said,

“For a while, Cher followed [A.E.] around like a lovesick puppy, but the blinders seem to be coming off. Cher’s starting to see [A.E.] in a different light.”

The source added:

“Cher has always been so careful about her money, but she was throwing it at this guy and funding his over-the-top lifestyle!”


Additionally, she’s said to not be on board with A.E.’s demanding input when it comes to her own artistry or his suspicious behavior. According to the source, A.E. has a habit of disappearing on Cher and dodging her calls.

Details are still developing, but no official words have been said from Cher or A.E. yet.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell