Exclusive: Da Brat’s Wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart Addresses Backlash Over Couple Using A White Sperm Donor: ‘No Amount Of Money Was Changing The Cryobank’s Inventory’

Da Brat, Jesseca Harris-Dupart

Exclusive: Da Brat’s Wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart Addresses Backlash Over Couple Using A White Sperm Donor: ‘No Amount Of Money Was Changing The Cryobank’s Inventory’

theJasmineBrand exclusively reports that Jesseca Harris-Dupart is setting the record straight surrounding her growing family once and for all!

Famed rapper/media personality Da Brat, 49, and her wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart, 41, have been making headlines lately over the sperm donor they selected to help expand their family. As previously reported, in February news broke that Da Brat is pregnant and a few weeks later the couple revealed their first child together will be a boy.

Recently, the love birds sat for an interview where they explained the process of selecting a donor for their pregnancy journey. Unfortunately, despite Jesseca Harris-Dupart taking the time to break down the factors that played into them ultimately choosing a white male as their donor, Da Brat’s joke about why they didn’t pick the one Black donor available has overshadowed the interview and landed the ladies in the hot seat. The “Da B Side” rapper joked,

“and that [dude] looked like jiminy cricket,”

She added,

“I was like, ‘I’m sorry but that wasn’t gonna be my choice.’”

Da Brat, Jesseca Harris-Dupart

Jesseca is exclusively addressed the backlash over the statement with us. When asked to clarify why they opted for a white sperm donor, Jesseca said:

“With my genetic testing, I’m the carrier of four disorders, that reduced our chances of a Black donor down to one person, and that one person had very limited information and portfolio to judge on…including [their] background.”

The businesswoman then talked about the negative things people have had to say about her family.

“I’m honestly disappointed more than anything at the storyline but do understand the lack of knowledge on IVF in our community because a lot of people don’t even realize all the things when it comes [to] the journey, including [the] lack of Black donors, genetic testing, [and the] age where most your eggs are gone, etc.”

She continued:

“The headlines are misleading, but also my wife made a distasteful joke. And now it’s attached to the headline and making it seem like we choose strictly off of looks and we didn’t at all attempt to find a Black donor when, in fact, not only did we try but we also waited to see if more would pop up over time – but had to stay within the window that we had to choose. Furthermore, people think just because you have money that anything is possible but no amount of money was changing the cryobank’s inventory.”

Jesseca Harris-Dupart, Da Brat

Jesseca then said that despite how the naysayers may feel, their baby boy being healthy is more important to them than anything else.

“Our baby [was] created with a healthy-baby-first mindset. Once we learned all the things, [it] was a hard decision and of course, we didn’t want to add any other stigmas or anything to our child, but we had severely limited options. Thanks to all the people supporting us on our journey and I truly hope this brings awareness [for] more Black men to donate.”

We previously covered the lack of Black sperm donors available in America. Reportedly, Black men account for less than two percent of sperm donors in the US.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel