Freddie Gibbs Says “I Ain’t Got No Phone” After Ex Girlfriend Claims She Had His Service Turned Off Because He Impregnated & Ghosted Her

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs Says “I Ain’t Got No Phone” After Ex Girlfriend Claims She Had His Service Turned Off Because He Impregnated & Ghosted Her

Musician Freddie Gibbs gave a simple rebuttal to getting blasted online.

A day after his ex girlfriend Destini aired out a load private details about their relationship, including how she was allegedly paying his phone bill, Freddie Gibbs took to twitter to somewhat address the accusations.

In a one sentence post, the “Built For This” artist wrote:

“I ain’t got no phone.”

The message was followed up by a few laughing emoji’s, and was seemingly to be in response to Destini claiming in one part of her lengthy social media rant that she stopped paying her exes phone bill when he ghosted her. All the drama began after the adult film worker wanted to “talk about” her past relationship with Gibbs. She began the series of tweets writing:

so y’all remember when i dated Freddie Gibbs right? well let’s talk about it”

Destini, who goes by the social media handle The Fit Mami continued, sharing how her romance with the Indiana native began and eventually came to a screeching halt. Apparently, the two began dating back in 2020 with Gibbs fully aware of her career as a porn star. She wrote:

“he always knew i did porn and was very supportive.”

She continued on, telling how the two began traveling together, often discussing wanting to procreate. However, Destini says things went sideways after Gibbs was infamously jumped while dining out last year. If you recall, the situation was reported to be the result of his ongoing feud with fellow rapper Benny The Butcher. The woman says she was there when the fight happened and became paranoid after.

She wrote about the moment:

“that day really changed everything for me. i ended up having to get a prescription for xanax because i was so paranoid. i was having nightmares. it was horrible. i felt like i was going crazy at times.”

Destini shared more footage from the pairs relationship, cementing how “in love’ they were in their 6 months together. One video showed Gibbs claiming he wanted to marry the adult film star. It wasn’t until she shared the news that they were expecting that the rapper’s “tone changed”. She continued:

“when i told freddie his tone immediately changed. i let a few days go by because i knew he was in chicago with his family for the holidays, but i also knew we had to continue this conversation.”



“we talked again in person. he was telling me how he “wasn’t ready for a child” this and that..”

As she went to doctors to find out she was quite far along, Destini says she couldn’t even share the news with Gibbs. According to her, she knew the entertainer’s service was off because she stopped paying his phone bill. Destini concluded, stating that she eventually just never heard from him again, but left hopeful sentiments that she and her baby will be just fine.

Gibbs has seemingly not said anything else about the baby or his situation with Destini.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson