Young Thug’s Codefendant In YSL RICO Trial Dropped After Being Diagnosed Schizophrenic, Leaving Only 10 Codefendents Remaining

Young Thug, Jayden Myrick

Young Thug’s Codefendant In YSL RICO Trial Dropped After Being Diagnosed Schizophrenic, Leaving Only 10 Codefendants Remaining

The number of active defendants in the YSL RICO trial continues to shrink.

According to reports, alleged YSL member Jayden Myrick was removed from the trial after his schizophrenic diagnosis was confirmed by the court.

Reportedly, Judge Ural Glanville made the decision to drop Jayden Myrick this past Monday (May 8th). The report notes that the man admitted to the judge that he was schizophrenic and not taking his medication. A subsequent health evaluation done reportedly concluded as much to be true.

It seems Myrick had been displaying behavioral concerns since the start of the case. He reportedly opted to represent himself in court initially, but had the right revoked when he told the court:

“I’m not the regular inmate, I be with Joe Biden and Donald Trump and they be talking to me…Donald Trump is going to get me out.”

Reportedly, Myrick is now set to have his own separate trial for his alleged involvement with YSL. He’s already serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for fatally shooting a man leaving a wedding back in 2022. As we’ve extensively covered, the self proclaimed music group YSL is currently undergoing a federal RICO trial, with many members accused of carrying out violent gang related crimes over the years.

Atlanta rapper Jeffrey ‘Young Thug” Williams, 31, is accused of being the gangs leader, and orchestrating many of the crimes. He along with fellow Atlanta artist Sergio ‘Gunna‘ Kitchens, 29, were arrested in May of last year on charges related to the RICO indictment.

Despite the original arrest having more than 20 individuals set to face trial, that number has slowly dwindled down to just 10. Reportedly, 18 of the accused, including Gunna, have taken plea deals. Young Thug, however, remains behind bars as the trial continues. His legal team reportedly submitted a fourth attempt to have him bonded out late last month. Reportedly, the trial has been slow as both parties have repeatedly failed to select a jury.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson