Zion Williamson’s Pregnant Girlfriend Seemingly Calls OnlyFans Model Moriah Mills ‘Jealous’ After Woman Exposes NBA Star For Allegedly Cheating

Zion Williamson’s Pregnant Girlfriend Seemingly Calls OnlyFans Model Moriah Mills ‘Jealous’ After Woman Exposes NBA Star For Allegedly Cheating

From basketball to baby mamas, NBA star Zion Williamson seems to have had his hands quite full lately!

On Tuesday, June 6, New Orleans Pelicans’ Zion Williamson and his girlfriend, Ahkeema, shared that they were expecting a baby girl.

Zion Williamson w/ girlfriend Ahkeema – photo creds: ikonikvision

The couple made the exciting announcement via a ‘Gender Reveal Party’ video that Ahkeema uploaded to her YouTube channel.

However, the next day, Moriah Mills, an adult content creator, came forward with accusations that she and Zion Williamson had been engaging in a sexual relationship… on the side.

Attaching a screenshot of a Snapchat message that she claimed to have received from the pro baller, she pettily tweeted,

“Congrats Zion Williamson happy for you.”

Moriah Mills then took it a step further and alluded that she had no notion of Williamson’s budding family with Ahkeema, as she was under the impression that she and the 22-year-old athlete had a monogamous connection. Moriah Mills said,

“I hate you .. [on God]. #ZionWilliamson looks like you been had a girlfriend and sleeping with other women behind my back. @Zionwilliamson you liar !!!”

Moriah Mills

Additionally, Moriah Mills alleged that she and Williamson were just together last week in New Orleans, and she hinted that she could (possibly) be with a child as well.

She continued,

“Better pray I’m not pregnant too because I’m definitely late @Zionwilliamson.”

Although the footage isn’t very telling, Mills did ultimately post clips of herself at (what appeared to be) a hotel in the Big Easy.

She ranted,

“I was with you last week in New Orleans and you couldn’t tell me you had a random th*t pregnant after all I’ve done for you @Zionwilliamson.”

Mills then graphically went into detail, throwing shots at Ahkeema. She spat,

“I let you f*ck me so many times without [a] condom and this is what u do to me a good rat that does cpn.”

The OnlyFans model added,

“I warned you about trapping type h*es @Zionwilliamson and you didn’t listen to me I know the game f*ck u and congrats again !!! The bill was too high so you had to scrap for crumbs when you couldn’t see me or I was busy.”

Moriah Mills

According to the Snapchat DMs that were supposedly from Williamson, the North Carolina native was actively trying to move Mills to New Orleans with him.

Mills revealed,

“I let you spit in my mouth last week when we f*cked you could of told me you had another wh*re pregnant how was that gonna work moving us both to New Orleans you think I [wouldn’t] have found out @ZionWilliamson.”

Following Mills’ Twitter spill, the porn producer allegedly began receiving threats from Ahkeema’s family members on Instagram. The response came after Mills passively invited Ahkeema to “meet up.”

She expressed in a tweet to Ahkeema,

“I’m in Atlanta h*e see me in December or should I say at my new condo in New Orleans @AhhConcreterose we sister wive now get wit or get lost. But Imma get more always. He don’t play about me when it come to spoiling I’m his princess you a burnt out baby mom.”

An account by the handle of nikkijzo then tagged Mills and fired back,

“@thisismoriahmills what you won’t do is threaten my pregnant cousin! I’m in Atlanta right now. You wanna fade cus someone ain’t choose you! What you wanna do?”

Ahkeema (seemingly) replied to Mills’ allegations by saying,

“Happy h*es ain’t hating and hating h*es ain’t happy.”

She concluded:

“Jealous is such an ugly look on ppl.”

Ahkeema extended her statements by clearing up Mills’ rumor that she’s nearly 8 years older than Williamson and added,

“I’m not 30. The fact y’all truing to make me older than what I am is crazy.”


As of now, Williamson has yet to speak out regarding the situation.

Zion Williamson

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell