Shannon Sharpe Explains Why He Never Got Married: I Need Someone To Love Me Like I Love Football

Shannon Sharpe

Shannon Sharpe Explains Why He Never Got Married: I Need Someone To Love Me Like I Love Football

Shannon Sharpe was so consumed with football that he never formed the union of his dreams. 

In a recent episode of the “Club Shay Shay” podcast, host Shannon Sharpe was joined by former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson. Throughout the show, the two former NFL stars discussed a range of topics, including their take on marriage. Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe admitted that even though he had hopes of getting married, he’s always put his career above his personal life. The 54-year-old shared: 

“I’m about to be 55. I’m about to be double nickel. I would have loved to have gotten married earlier in my career, but my career was the most important.”

Shannon Sharpe continued:

“So I was no good. I was a terrible father. I probably was a terrible brother, terrible son. I definitely was a terrible boyfriend because football was the most important thing, I was consumed with that because I wanted to get my grandmother and my family out of the conditions that I grew up in.”

Shannon Sharpe

According to Shannon Sharpe, he’s dated a few women who initially said they were okay with being second to his career goals. However, they soon changed their minds after realizing how “devout” he was to football. 

The Illinois native added:

“Now I started to realize that as I’ve gotten older in my life, everything that I’ve accumulated doesn’t mean anything if I don’t have anybody to share it with. It took my spending time alone to realize that ‘yes Shannon, you’re great at what you do. You’re in the Hall of Fame, you’ve accomplished a lot but at the end of the day who do you share it with?'”

Later in the interview, Sharpe shared qualities his ideal spouse should have:

“Over the last couple of years I’ve sat down and realized I need to find someone to love me like I love football. I need to find someone that loves me like I love ‘Undisputed.’ Love me like I love doing what I’m doing here on ‘Club Shakes.’”

In 1992, two years into his NFL career, Sharpe had his first child, son Kiari, with Erika Evans. Reportedly, Evans filed a lawsuit against her baby’s father, alleging he kicked her out of his home. In 2010, he was romantically involved with a woman named Michelle Bundy, who leveled several allegations against him including sexual assault. However, the court eventually discovered that his ex-girlfriend fabricated her story.

According to reports, in addition to his son, Sharpe also has two daughters, Kayla and Kaley.

Sharpe was previously in a relationship with fitness enthusiast Katy Kellner. The former Denver Broncos player proposed to Kellner in 2016. However, two years later they reportedly split after Sharpe claimed Kellner was pregnant by her business associate. The podcaster also reportedly had a relationship with actor Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy. However, they eventually broke up as well. 

Shannon Sharpe, Nicole Murphy

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill