Jonathan Majors Attends Essence Fest w/ Meagan Good While His Attorney’s Blame “Method Acting” For Allegations Of Physical Intimidation and Emotional Abuse: ‘It Can Be Misconstrued’

Meagan Good, Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors Attends Essence Fest w/Meagan Good While His Attorney’s Blame “Method Acting” For Allegations Of Physical Intimidation and Emotional Abuse: ‘It Can Be Misconstrued’

Amid his ongoing legal troubles actor Jonathan Majors seemingly took some time to enjoy his life recently.

The 33-year-old was spotted at the Essence Fest over the weekend posing for a photo-op alongside rumored girlfriend Meagan Good, while his legal team remained hard at work to prove his innocence.

While it’s unclear the nature of his attendance, Jonathan Majors is seen in several photos taken at the three day music and entertainment conference. One photo shows the MCU actor standing in the middle of a crowd that also includes famed activist Al Sharpton. In another, Majors seems to have been caught off guard while his new boo, actress Meagan Good, 41, smiled brightly behind him. The pair sparked and has continued to fuel dating rumors since back in May of this year. As we reported earlier, the “Harlem” actress held his hand tightly last month as the California native arrived in court to face serious accusations.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Majors is the center of a sea of abuse allegations following his arrest on March 25. As we covered at the time, the “Creed 3” star was detained by police after allegedly assaulting his then girlfriend, British dancer Grace Jabarri at his NYC apartment. Majors attorney’s have continued to release and evidence and proclaim their client’s innocence, arguing he’s actually the victim of racial profiling by the NYPD and false allegations made by Jabarri. However, the situation became even more muddled as others claiming to have been abused by the film star came forward.

Reportedly, an investigation published by Rolling Stone claims that some on set crew members allege they have been personally victimized by the entertainer’s “intimidating” and “violent” behavior. It’s reported that crew members were allegedly warned to steer clear of the Hollywood star while filming his critically acclaimed movie “Magazine Dreams” due to his dedication to method acting. A production source on the set reportedly stated about the situation:

“I’ve heard of different Method actors and how their behavior is, but none of them are violent or rude toward their crew,”

Jonathan Majors

The source reportedly added that Majors was:

“completely disrespectful and kind of violent toward everybody [and crew members were afraid they were] going to get hurt.”

Another accuser claims that on the set of the movie “Devotion”, the Yale graduate “physically intimidated” a crew member by yelling at them. Additionally, the report wrote that multiple women Majors had been romantically involved with gave other disturbing allegations. Some claimed he “enlisted emotional torture” which would “fill him with rage”. So much so, that the actor reportedly needed find something to “hit or punch” to release the aggression.

In response to the investigation, however, Majors attorney reportedly says dedication to his craft and “immersive method acting” is the reason some people may have been uncomfortable with the actor. Flatly denying allegations of abuse, attorney Dustin Pusch reportedly wrote in a statement:

“Jonathan Majors vehemently denies Rolling Stone’s false allegations that he physically, verbally, or emotionally abused anyone, let alone any of his past romantic partners…The allegations that Mr. Majors got physical with or physically intimidated anyone on any movie set are downright false,”


“Everyone who has worked with Mr. Majors knows that he employs an immersive Method acting style, and while that can be misconstrued as rudeness at times, those who know Mr. Majors and work in the industry have attested to his dedication to his craft as well as his kindness.”

Reportedly, Majors legal team is so sure of his innocence, that they in turn filed a complaint against the NYPD and Jabarri for the pain and suffering the situation has caused.  Majors himself has yet to speak publicly about the case, and his trial is reportedly set to begin on August 3rd.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson