Missing Alabama Woman Carlethia “Carlee” Russell Returns Home Following Nationwide Coverage About Her Disappearance + Social Media Users React: ‘Y’all Switching Up Quick!’

Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russel

Missing Alabama Woman Carlethia “Carlee” Russell Returns Home Following Nationwide Coverage About Her Disappearance + Social Media Users React: ‘Y’all Switching Up Quick!’

The family and friends of a missing Alabama woman are rejoicing today.

According to police reports, 25-year-old Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russel appeared at her parents home this past Saturday following a massive 48 hour search to find her.

Carlee was initially reported missing late Thursday evening (July 13th) on her way home. Authorities say the nursing student called 911 to report a child was walking alone on the side of interstate 459 south and pulled over to make sure they were safe until police arrived. After hanging up with dispatch, Carlee reportedly dialed a family member who says she heard Carlee speaking with the child before hearing a scream and then silence. It’s noted that the phone line remained open, and the individual never heard the child speak back during the call.

Police reportedly arrived to the scene shortly after the call ended to find Carlee’s vehicle and personal belongings. Neither she nor the child were reportedly anywhere in sight. A local search for the young woman began shortly after. As more people caught wind of the story, many shared Carlee’s information and came to assume she was potentially the victim of human trafficking, lured by the deception of a child in trouble. Celebs such as activist Tamika Mallory and Ms. Tina Knowles – Lawson used their platforms to continuously spread Carlee’s situation. Many urged the country to deploy the same means of finding Carlee as the nation did to search for the missing Titanic submersible last month. Surveillance footage of the highway where the young woman reportedly went missing was released to the public shortly after.

Then Saturday evening, reportedly around 10:45pm, the Hoover Police Department said they received a call that Carlee had returned to her parents house. Reportedly, she was transferred to a nearby medical center, where she currently remains, to be evaluated. While it’s noted that Carlee reportedly arrived alone, there has been no other information shared about the details of her disappearance.

Hoover Police Chief Nicholas Derzis reportedly held a press conference following Carlee’s return, stating:

“We wanted her to come home safe and sound – and we’ll hope that’s what happened here. And I couldn’t be more excited, and I hope the community feels the same way.”


“The first thing is to give Carlee and family a little time to get themselves back together…I know it’s been a tough experience for them. When we think it’s time to sit down and have a conversation with Carlee and try to get some facts, we’ll do that.”

Despite many being relieved to hear news of Carlee’s return, some social media users decided to use the moment to vocalize their suspicions. Users enthralled in intense debates due to some suggesting the entire thing was a hoax. One user wrote:

“Mental break , there was no child she spotted on the highway or an abductor”

While another added:

“So basically there was no kidnapping attempt she just wanted some attention, gotcha”

However, many more others came to Carlee’s defense. Some pointed out that the heavy media coverage possibly played a huge part in the young woman’s return. While others blasted naysayers, standing adamant that Carlee’s return was nothing short of a miracle.

Authorities are still investigating the situation at this time. We will continue to update as more details emerge.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson