Mariah Carey Sued By Former Nanny, Seeking Pay For “Emotional Distress” & Past Dues Wages

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Sued By Former Nanny, Seeking Pay Day For “Emotional Distress” & Past Dues Wages

Nothing says, “Merry Christmas,” for the Queen of Christmas like a lawsuit! According to reports, Billboard icon Mariah Carey was sued on yesterday (12/23/19) by her children’s former nanny, Maria Burgues.

Maria reportedly claims that she was fired in April of 2018 after complaining about short checks, poor working conditions, and verbal abuse at the hands of Monroe and Moroccan Cannon‘s bodyguard, Marcio Moto. The suit states that Maria was only paid $25 per hour to babysit “dem babies,” as Mariah calls them, and was not paid at all for traveling on tour with the crew.

Mariah Carey

Maria Burgues detailed two alleged incidents in which she says she was verbally abused by the kids’ bodyguard. She says that in December of 2017, he threatened to leave her stranded on the side of the road while on a road trip to Las Vegas, and that he yelled at her in front of the children’s entire dance class. She was, allegedly, fired soon after complaining.

The former nanny is seeking the backpay in which she noted that she was inadequately paid, and compensation for “severe emotional distress.” Maria Burgues’ lawsuit only adds to the others piled under Mariah’s Christmas tree. The other suits still be deliberated are from her former assistant and ex-manager – Lianna Shakhnazaryan and Stella Bulochnikov – with allegations of abuse of power, sexual harassment, and extortion. Mariah’s former housekeeper, Maria Salazar – like Burgues – also alleges that she wasn’t adequately paid.

Mariah Carey’s attorney claims he had not yet seen the suit.


Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay