“Jersey Shore” Star Pauly D Trends After Resurfaced Clip Of Him Breaking Down A Door So His Girlfriend Nikki Hall Could Retaliate After Angelina Pivarnick Doused Her In Wine Goes Viral

Pauly D, Nikki Hall, Angelina Pivarnick

“Jersey Shore” Star Pauly D Trends After Resurfaced Clip Of Him Breaking Down A Door So His Girlfriend Nikki Hall Could Retaliate After Angelina Pivarnick Doused Her In Wine Goes Viral

Reality TV star Pauly D is being hailed as a hero among internet users!

Fans everywhere have been sharing their admiration for the entertainer after a resurfaced clip of him breaking a door while supporting his girlfriend recently went viral.

The clip, which has now been seen more than 24 million times on Twitter, shows the aftermath of a light hearted situation that eventually got heated between two of the “Jersey Shore” spin-off series cast-mates. Nikki Hall, who joined the “Family Vacation” installment while dating the Pauly D, real name Paul Michael DelVecchio Jr., was reportedly caught in a playful water fight between Angelina Pivarnick and OG cast mate Vinny. Reportedly, the TV personality was upset over a bet that Vinny broke between them and decided to drench him in water, accidentally getting Nikki in the process. Initially seemingly not off put by the situation, Nikki then returned fire, laughing while splashing Angelina with water back. However, things went sour after Angelina then got upset and threw red wine over Nikki, ruining her outfit.

Nikki Hall

After locking herself behind a closed door, Angelina attempted to avoid any further confrontation, telling Nikki, who since had picked up a wine bottle to “go away”. That’s when Nikki’s usually mild tempered boo Pauly D stepped in, breaking down the door so Nikki could get her lick back. Pauly  mustered up all his strength to bust the door open, as Nikki came through and immediately poured wine over Angelina’s head. Though the drama filled episode aired back in October of last year, the resurfaced clip has fans giving much kudo’s to Pauly for standing up for his girl. Users have been commenting on the situation, with many setting a new Pauly standard when it comes to dating.

Interest in the clip could’ve been re-sparked by the shows current season which is now showing new episodes on the MTV network. “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” has been airing since 2018, and initially featured nearly all of the original cast members, which includes Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Vinny Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, Deena Cortese, as well as Pauly and Angelina. However, as the series continued some members took a step back. Ronnie left the show as a full time cast mate to focus on his mental health back in 2021. As we reported a couple of years prior, he had been arrested for allegedly assaulting his then girlfriend Jen Harley and reportedly chasing her with a knife.

Additionally, Sammi Sweetheart opted not to participate in the series at all, missing out on the first 5 seasons. However, the TV star shocked fans everywhere earlier this year, announcing she’d be returning during the second part of the current season, which premiered earlier this month. The TV personality shared her seemingly complicated feelings and excitement at returning to the show, sharing an image with the caption:

“Okay I can finally say… I’m backkk!”

Whatever the reason fans have shown new interest in the Pauly D clip, it seems the publicity will certainly be good for the show. While it doesn’t seem any of the cast members have reacted to the video at this time, it is noted that Pauly D and Nikki are still going strong!


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Authored by: Kay Johnson