“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Lil Scrappy Lashes Out At Supporters For Sending Him Well Wishes Amid Divorce From Ex-Wife Bambi: ‘This Happened So Long Ago[…]Leave Me Alone’

Lil Scrappy, Bambi

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Lil Scrappy Lashes Out At Supporters For Sending Him Well Wishes Amid Divorce From Ex-Wife Bambi: ‘This Happened So Long Ago[…]Leave Me Alone’

Rapper Lil Scrappy is sparking up beef with his fan base.

The reality star recently condemned his supporters for continuing to send him well wishes in light of his divorce, claiming he’s “moved on” from the situation.

As we previously reported, rumors that Darryl ‘Scrappy‘ Richardson III, 39, and his then wife Adi ‘Bambi‘ Benson, 37, split began swirling earlier this year. A few months later the mom of three confirmed the reports during an episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”, which the former couple star on together. Reportedly, during a conversation with co-stars Rasheeda & Kirk Frost, Erica Mena, and Jessica White, Bambi accused her partner of failing to make rent payments and neglecting their household, tearfully announcing they were officially going through the divorce process.


The episode, which aired back in June of this year, seems to have prompted Scrappy fans to continually send him words of encouragement and support. However the musician made it clear he doesn’t want any further well wishes. Emphasizing the fact that the filming took place several months before the episode was actually released, he stated via instagram video:

“Quit talking about ‘keep your head up. All this sh*t y’all watching this sh*t is been done. Over with. This sh*t been over with. I don’t need your best wishes and your well wishes. Whatever that sh*t called. God bless y’all.”

And continued:

“This sh*t happened so long ago. We moved on. Everybody moved on. So when I post something talking about a shoe or talking about the sky or talking about the day I’m having you don’t have to say ‘be strong keep your head up’ or start talking about the TV sh*t. I been did that…That sh*t in the past for me. It’s old. It’s new for you but it’s the past for me. so I don’t give a f*ck. Okay? Please. Leave me alone. Go on about your business.”

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One reason fans may be showing such care and concern for the rapper is due to Scrappy and Bambi’s longstanding history together. The former couple dated on and off for several years before secretly tying the knot in a quiet Vegas ceremony back in 2017. During their time together, the celebrity pair also welcomed three children, a son, Breland, 3, and two daughters, Xylo, 2, and Cali, 1. Scrappy also has a teenage daughter Emani, who he shares with his ex Erica Dixon.

Bambi & Kids

Though many rooted for the couple, their relationship was often challenged due to the strained relationship’s between Bambi and Scrappy’s mother Momma Dee as well with Eric Dixon. On separate occasions, the women often got into heated discussions as Momma Dee seemed to favor Erica for her son over his chosen wife, and Erica and Bambi just seemed to overall not care for each other. There were also several instances pertaining to the nature of their co-parenting situation, with Bambi being accused of bringing harm to Dixon’s daughter. The two women had a full on blow up on a more recent episode of the MTV reality series.

Now that Bambi and Scrappy have called it quits, however, the women will seemingly not have to interact much more. Subsequently, both entertainers hostied divorce parties to celebrate them separating and Scrappy clearly wants everyone to move on. It seems his fans were not very pleased by the way he made his recent request, however. Many took to the comments section to call him out for blasting them simply for showing him love.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson