Steve Harvey’s Radio Co-Host Shirley Strawberry Claims He’s Scared Of His Wife Majorie & That She Looks At Her As “The Help”

Shirley Strawberry, Steve & Majorie Harvey

Steve Harvey’s Radio Co-Host Shirley Strawberry Claims He’s Scared Of His Wife Majorie & That She Looks At Her As “The Help”

Things may be a little awkward at the next taping of the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

One of the shows co-host’s Shirley Strawberry recently got caught allegedly sharing some unflattering thoughts about Steve Harvey‘s wife Majorie during a leaked phone call.

Shirley Strawberry

Reportedly, Shirley was speaking to her partner Ernest Williams who is currently incarnated for several alleged crimes, including gun possession, theft, fraud, and child pornography. During an alleged recent conversation the two had over the phone, Shirley opened up about being a guest at the Harvey’s home, gushing over their luxurious spa and workout centers while also making some suggestive comments about Steve and Majorie’s relationship.

Steve & Majorie Harvey

Speaking about Majorie’s decked out spa room, the radio personality stated:

“Marjorie has her own Spa, her own workout room…she could go in there and get massages every day. People come to her house and…work her out and all of that. I was like ‘oh God what a dream’,”

Majorie Harvey

After Williams questioned if the Harvey matriarch is “looking old”, Shirley says she doesn’t think so, stating she looks good in pictures but hadn’t seen her in person recently. Confused, Williams then questioned if she was at the gathering Shirley recently attended, to which she responded:
“No she’s not there, if she was there we probably wouldn’t have been all over the house…you know he’s scared…I knew I wasn’t supposed to be in there but he brought us in.”


Shirley then went on to talk about how glad she was to have the opportunity to explore their home, however, because it allows one to “dream” about being able to attain that lavish lifestyle. Elsewhere in the conversation, Williams seemingly suggested that it had been a long time since the radio collaborators spent time together socially, and that he was sure Steve was happy to see her. Shirley seemed to confirm, stating:
“He was happy to see us…he always invites us over there and we don’t never go…because I don’t know, if she’s there…you know. She’s, um….nope….she looks at as as ‘the help’ you know…it is what it is,”
In so many words, it seems Shirley gets an unwelcoming feeling when Majorie is around, which assumably goes unchecked by Steve because he’s allegedly “scared” of her. Neither Steve, Majorie, nor  Shirley have reacted publicly to the leaked phone call at this time. The new drama comes just a couple of weeks after the Harvey’s were rumored to be having issues in the marriage. An unconfirmed story made its way around the internet that alleged Majorie had cheated on Steve with their bodyguard. However, Steve and Majorie both wasted no time shutting down the rumors.
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Authored by: Kay Johnson