Aretha Franklin Family Member Pissed Open Casket Photo Leaked On Social Media

Aretha Franklin Family Member Pissed Open Casket Photo Leaked On Social Media

Along with Aretha Franklin’s family, the legendary singer’s fans were also able to say their final goodbyes, as her funeral was being live streamed. On the day of the funeral, photos of Franklin laid to rest in her casket were plastered all over social media, to honor her for her passing. As people watched from the comfort of their homes, her family members were forced to endure strangers invading their family’s business. One particular member from the Franklin family has decided to speak out about the discomfort they received during the Queen of Soul’s homegoing service.

In a Facebook status, Kafi Franklin shared her experience for her and her child during the funeral.  She began,

I didn’t want to post my opinion about any of this because, over all, the love was overwhelming but when my 12 year old was brought to tears from seeing her Grandmother in a casket all over social media… I feel I must…

Kafi further express her frustrations by pointing out how she felt people were only participated with the service for their own personal gains,

“I can’t believe that some people are sooo selfish and insensitive., my children lost their grandmother…her sons lost their many people completely ignored their grief and selfishly used this situation to benefit themselves or to entertain or achieve personal agenda with no regards to the family.”

The assumed in-law added to her message by calling out people who tried to switch the narrative of the funeral and promote false information.

“To all the people who posted negative pics/fake news, to all those who treated the funeral like a concert or event…to those that callously spoke on everything but words of comfort and love Shame on you… you made a child/family suffer even more than they made a difficult day even more for us all.”

She concludes her status by being specifying why she’s upset.

“The service was to celebrate her life not a platform for personal agendas. This is real life…a real family just like your own…In Jesus words “treat others the way you want tobe treatd” simple bust most are far too elfish to practice it”

Kafi is not the only family member who had something to say. Franklin’s nephew, Vaughn Franklin recently spoke out and said the funeral was distasteful and did a disservice to the Franklin legacy. Click here for the backstory. Let’s continue to keep Aretha’s family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

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Authored by: Kellie Williams