Xscape’s LaTocha Scott Accused Of Backpedaling After Previously Claiming That She’s In An Open Marriage With Her Husband Rocky, Singer Now Says ‘He Doesn’t Have It That Good’

Xscape’s LaTocha Scott Accused Of Backpedaling After Previously Claiming That She’s In An Open Marriage With Her Husband Rocky, Singer Now Says ‘He Doesn’t Have It That Good’

LaTocha Scott has come to set the record straight about her current marital status with her longtime husband, Rocky Bivens.

Earlier this month, Xscape songstress LaTocha Scott hopped on Instagram Live to address the controversial rumors that have been surrounding Bravo’s ‘SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B.’

LaTocha Scott

As you can see, the supergroups’ latest reality show has caused quite the hoopla online, specifically with the notion of fellow Xscape member, LaTocha Scott’s sister, Tamika, accusing the singer of stealing her coins in the past.

Tamika Scott, LaTocha Scott

Additionally, the woman who previously came forward with claims of carrying on a secret affair with Scott’s husband, Rocky Bivens, has made her rounds in the media… again. Last year, Rocky Bivens’ said-to-be mistress, Tiawanda Foucha, hit the headlines with allegations of conceiving a love child with the married talent manager.

Tiawanda Foucha w/ Rocky Bivens

Although her initial Instagram post was later deemed nothing more than a hack to spark drama, Tiawanda Foucha has since resurfaced and exposed the real truth behind the Bivens’ (supposed) manipulative infidelity during an interview with entertainment commentator Tasha K.

When subliminally alluding to the situation, Scott (seemingly) assured in her broadcast that none of her partner’s reported indiscretions came as a shock to her and even announced that the two have an “open relationship.”

In an effort to address the remarks about her and Bivens’ contentious union, the 49-year-old said,

“Y’all think I don’t know; I know everything. Everything! I’m not oblivious to things. My husband and I… what y’all don’t understand is we have an open relationship. We have spoken about things. That is my private business, but because I’m sharing my heart with y’all, I’m letting y’all know… please, stop it!”

However, in a recent interview, Scott clarified her “open relationship” comment and let it be known that–although she and Bivens have a good line of “communication” about what goes on in their marriage–the lovebirds still have somewhat of a solid commitment to each other.

She expressed,

“We communicate. We have open communication.”

The “Stay With Me” vocalist added,

“[Rocky] doesn’t have it that good! No!”

Scott and Bivens wedded in 1995. Together, the pair share a son.

LaTocha Scott w/ husband Rocky Bivens

Of course, following Scott’s retraction of an “open relationship,” many had their opinions about the girl-group phenomenon’s love life. While some seemed to “sympathize” with Scott, others had their reservations about the validity of Scott’s clear-the-air moment.

A Twitter user said,

“Just added LaTocha Scott to my ‘lie so bad’ celeb edition squad right under Kevin Gates, Sza, and Khloe Kardashian.”

Another person tweeted:

“So I think Rocky got with LaTocha because she was the fat one probably with low self-esteem, and he groomed her how she wanted, and she stuck with Rockyland. She is a mentally battered woman and will go down with the ship in flames before going against dude.”

Here’s more of what the good people on the bird app had to say about it all…

No further words from Scott… as of now.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell