Joe Budden Says “Never Believe The Internet Rumors” While Addressing Reports He Was Jumped By Taxstone Supporters, But Admits He Was “Socked One Good Time”

Joe Budden, Taxstone

Joe Budden Says “Never Believe The Internet Rumors” While Addressing Reports He Was Jumped By Taxstone Supporters, But Admits He Was “Socked One Good Time”

Podcaster Joe Budden is speaking out about getting into a fight recently.

The media personality confirmed he was hit over the weekend while at a strip club in New York, seemingly following comments he made about his colleague Taxstone.

Joe Budden

YouTuber Jamil Lindsey shared details of what reportedly went down on his channel Gully TV. Claiming to have gotten the story from “credible sources”, the commenter stated that Joe Budden was jumped due to recently criticizing Taxstone and allegedly stating he deserved his 35 year prison sentence. If you recall, the entertainer, real name Daryl Campbell, 38, was handed a lengthy jail sentence early this year for his involvement in the fatal 2016 shooting of Troy Ave’s bodyguard.

Speaking on the recent fight, Lindsey explained:

“It happened on Saturday night in a Queen’s strip club…apparently his assailants were enraged by some things [Joe] said on his platform, you know Joey got a big platform”…I was told he told Taxstone to suck his d**k…after the conviction, said he deserve what he got. He gave his general public statement.”


“They seen him in the club and jumped on his a**…It wasn’t a one sided beat down, Joey tried to fight back,”

Lindsey also claimed that the individuals were reportedly chanting Taxstone’s name during the fight, and claimed to have footage of the incident. He expressed, however, he only plans to release it once someone purchases it. As news of the the alleged jumping began to circulate, associate’s of Joe Budden began speaking out on his behalf, shutting down the rumors. One of the ex rapper’s friends, former athlete Tony Robinson, took to his X (formerly Twitter) account, writing:

“I just heard from Joe Budden he good y’all be hype as shit to say he got jumped. Like what world we celebrate niggas jumping niggas. He ain’t have a scratch on his face don’t know who he got into it with but he definitely didn’t look like he got jumped.”

It wasn’t long before Budden appeared online to make a comment on the situation himself. Hopping on another friend’s live stream, the entertainer responded to the hosts’s comments that “they said you got stomped”, to which Budden responded:

“No, never believe the internet rumors…n***a cocked back and socked me one good time…but that’s all you gone get…now we gotta go,”


“Don’t believe the hype…wet floor saved his life man.”

While it’s unclear whether or not Budden specifically spoke about Taxstone’s role in the altercation, the two did in fact take some heated shots at one another online recently. The “Pump It Up” rapper spoke about his ongoing beef with Taxstone nearly a month ago on his podcast. After reading several tweets where he was attacked by Taxstone who called him an example of a “weak man”, Budden responded:

“We clearly have two definitions of weak, you soft, fragile, insecure a** n***a…it’s a bitter bitter taste having to watch n***a’s like me and and Gillie and Wallo and N.O.R.E…have all this success out here while you post these 2016 polls…the last thing you need to be worried about is what anybody else is doing…I think it’s weak, I think you’re weak, I think you’ve always been weak.”

For Taxstone’s part, it seems the rapper turned podcaster is opting not to implicate himself in the fight. After internet personality Zip tagged him in a post telling him to “call off the wolves”, Taxstone simply responded:

“What you talmmmm bout zip”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson