Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Ordered To Pay $20,000 After Ignoring Lawsuit Over Hefty Credit Card Debt  

Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Ordered To Pay $20,000 After Ignoring Lawsuit Over Hefty Credit Card Debt

Kevin Hunter appears to still be dealing with some financial woes.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the ex-husband of Wendy Williams was recently ordered to pay over $20,000 after ignoring a lawsuit centered around his credit card bill. In 2014, Kevin Hunter received a Visa Signature card from UBS Bank USA. At the time of initially getting the card, Kevin Hunter was still married to his then-wife Wendy Williams. However, as you may recall, in 2019, the former talk show host filed for divorce once news broke that Kevin fathered a baby outside of their marriage.

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter

Allegedly, following their separation, Kevin started to have some financial problems, however, those issues may have begun even before Wendy Williams called things off. UBS noted that the businessman originally made all his payments on time then he just abruptly stopped. As of March of this year, the bank accused him of owing $20,176.83.

Wendy Williams, husband Kevin Hunter (circa 2013)

Kevin was sued for the owed amount, however, he reportedly failed to appear at the court date. Due to his absence, the judge granted UBS Bank USA’s motion for a default judgment. Hopefully, Kevin can settle his debt soon, as the owed amount will continue to increase with interest until he pays it in full.

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

Unfortunately for Kevin, this isn’t the only “L” he’s received in the courtroom lately. As previously reported, earlier this year, another judge denied Kevin’s request for his alimony payments to be reinstated, which were paused when Wells Fargo froze Wendy’s accounts over alleged concerns for the media personality’s well-being. The judge also denied Kevin’s request for his attorney fees to be paid by his ex.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel