Tyrese Named In $25K Lawsuit For Allegedly Making ‘Excessive Alterations’ To Airbnb Property

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Named In $25K Lawsuit For Allegedly Making ‘Excessive Alterations’ To Airbnb Property

Tyrese Gibson just can’t seem to stay out of legal trouble.

Homeowner Tiffanique Webb recently filed a lawsuit against the Fast and Furious actor for $25,000, alleging in court documents that he made “excessive alterations” to her California Airbnb property during a brief stay.

Webb accused Tyrese Gibson of leaving the house with damages that exceeded “the social security deposit by the tenants to AirBnB agent.” Allegedly, his actions caused her to lose both earning capacity and use of the property as she’s now unable to rent out the home.

The homeowner’s legal action comes as Tyrese Gibson is named in a separate $10,000,000 lawsuit from filmmaker Bryan Barber.

Barber claimed in court documents that Tyrese made “inaccurate and defamatory remarks” about him during an appearance on The Breakfast Club.


As previously reported, Tyrese enlisted Charlamagne tha God to interview him and his then-wife Samantha Lee in Atlanta in 2019, but, the content was never made public.

The Waist Deep star appeared on The Breakfast Club on September 7 and blamed Barber for the failed project. He said,

“The director who I hired…this n*gg* has taken the f*ck*ng footage and refused to give it back! I paid $35,000 total for this whole sh*t. Then I found out he did it to Big Boi, did it to Dallas Austin, did it to a couple n*gg*s. So, I don’t care if he sees this interview, ‘cause I’m too honest.”

However, Barber had a different account of events. He claimed that Tyrese agreed the sitdown talk would be taped over the course of a day, and that both sides “would split (on a 50/50 basis) the revenue derived from the streaming and/or other distribution.”

Bryan Barber

Despite the initial filming schedule, Barber claimed he was told to return for a second day of shooting to record B-Roll footage of Tyrese “spending time with his wife and their newborn daughter.”

He then alleged that the interview was never published because Tyrese‘s management wouldn’t allow him to share any portion of the project as a way to protect the celebrity’s reputation. Tyrese, according to the legal paperwork,

“refused to adhere to the previous 50/50 revenue split that he and Barber previously negotiated for the CTG Interview.”

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Authored by: S. G.