Mike Epps Buys & Renovates Several Homes On His Childhood Block, Docu-Series About The Project Currently Airing On HGTV

Mike Epps

Mike Epps Buys & Renovates Several Homes On His Childhood Block, Docu-Series About The Project Currently Airing On HGTV

Comedian Mike Epps is working hard to give back to his community.

The entertainer recently released a TV project covering his experience transforming multiple houses from his childhood neighborhood, which can now be watched on HGTV.

Following the release of the docu-series “Buying Back The Block,” a viral clip taken in front of the upgraded homes recently showed Mike Epps, 53, all smiles while receiving compliments for a project well done by one of his associates. In promotional interviews discussing the renovations, the entertainer shared that he purchased and revamped 6 properties on the same Indianapolis block where his grandmother raised their family in the ’70s. He also shared the significance of what the project means to him.

Mike stated during an interview:

“This was about holding onto legacy. This was about holding on to what we come from…This was the initial start, and the beginning of a bigger dream and a bigger goal,”

Mike Epps

He added:

“In order for us to get that into play, we had to get the awareness out so that we can get assistance from the state of Indiana, and the city of Indianapolis and get help. Our idea can only grow so far financially; and, community-wise, it’s going to take the help of the mayor; it’s going to take the help of the city to do what we were doing now on a larger scale.”

Reportedly, this project began for Mike back in 2003 when he first started buying and purchasing real estate in the area. Included in his acquisition was reportedly the exact home previously owned by grandmother Anne Walker. Reports state that the family lost the house due to a decline in value during the drug epidemic that ravished the Black community in the ’70s and ’80s. However the comic, according to his wife Kyra Epps who starred in and executive produced the HGVT series, was eventually able to buy it back. She stated during an interview:

“Mike bought it back for a little or nothing, and sat on them for a while…And after a very trying time and situation – 2020 and COVID and all of that – we decided to go back home; go back to Indy and put some love back into this block and build this community back up.”

She added:

“They were already regentrifying the neighborhood. And we wanted to stay there. We don’t want to look like the ugly ducklings. We mean something. We’re important. We’ve been here for 60-plus years, and we’re going to stay here.”

According to reports, the docu-series showcases Mike and Kyra personally rehabbing 2 of the properties over a 12-week period. Included, is footage of them rebuilding a former firehouse in the area that they now call home. The couple later shared that since they spend so much time in Indiana, they wanted a place very personal to them and expressed their happiness at being able to involve their two young children in the project. Kyra added:

“You’re going to see Mike and I build our first house from the ground up, brick by brick and nail by nail together – our first piece of something that we have together. And you’re going to see my kids watch it…My son gets to walk the same streets that his father did.” 

Mike Epps, Kyra Epps, & children


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Authored by: Kay Johnson